Italian Philosophy

You should indulge a little every now and then: perché no??

There are many delicious treats like gelato, mouth-watering pastries, and  decadent chocolates. Much like the philosophy on drinking, Italian culture has a  “Perché no?” take on treats. “Perché no?” translates to “why not?” The idea is to  treat yourself by having a little bit of something tasty (because, why not?) but not  having so much that you’re gorging yourself.

Drink a little bit, but not too much

Italians love their vino (wine)...but they don’t overdo it. In Italy, a bottle of wine  is shared among friends or around the dinner table. Keep it classy and don’t fill  the glass to the edge.

Eat slowly, locally and with others

There’s really no such thing as Italian fast food. Sure, you’ll find a McDonald’s  here and there, but in Italy the concept of eating is not “fast.” Italy is all about  “slow food.” Dinners are unhurried and eaten around a table (not a TV or  computer screen) with one’s family. In Italy, food is natural, authentic, and  sourced locally.

Stop hurrying, start relaxing

Life is less hurried in Italy. People don’t rush around with to-go cups of coffee,  but rather sip their espresso at the “bar”. Meals tend to be longer, whether they  are at restaurants or at home. Many Italians take a Siesta of sorts, from 12:30

p.m. – 3 p.m., to eat lunch and relax. This is called Riposo.

Country Facts

·The official name of Italy is the Italian Republic.
·Almost 3,000 yrs old, the capital city is Rome, also called "The Eternal City”.
·According to legend, the brothers Romulus and Remus (the founders of Rome)  were raised by a she-wolf in a cave on Palatine Hill. Rome's emblem is the she-  wolf suckling the two brothers.
HelloSalve (formal); Ciao (informal)
Hello/Good morningBuongiorno; Buondì (informal)
Good eveningBuona sera
How are you?Come sta/stai? (formal/informal)
I’m (very) well, thank you.Sto (molto) bene, grazie.
It’s going great!Va benissimo!
It’s not going well.Va male.
Bye; Bye byeCiao; Ciao-ciao
Have a nice day.Buona giornata.
Have a nice evening.Buona serata.
Good night.Buona notte.
See you soon/later!A presto!/A dopo!
Need some help?
Can I help you?Hai bisogno?
Pardon me. (attention)Mi scusi.
Do you speak English?Parla inglese? (formal)
Can you help me?Può aiutarmi?
Where is the restroom?Dov'è il bagno?
How much does this cost?Quanto costa questo?
I am…Io sono…
I don’t know.Non so.