HelloSalve (formal); Ciao (informal)
Hello/Good morningBuongiorno; Buondì (informal)
Good eveningBuona sera
How are you?Come sta/stai? (formal/informal)
I’m (very) well, thank you.Sto (molto) bene, grazie.
It’s going great!Va benissimo!
It’s not going well.Va male.
Bye; Bye byeCiao; Ciao-ciao
Have a nice day.Buona giornata.
Have a nice evening.Buona serata.
Good night.Buona notte.
See you soon/later!A presto!/A dopo!
Need some help?
Can I help you?Hai bisogno?
Pardon me. (attention)Mi scusi.
Do you speak English?Parla inglese? (formal)
Can you help me?Può aiutarmi?
Where is the restroom?Dov'è il bagno?
How much does this cost?Quanto costa questo?
I am…Io sono…
I don’t know.Non so.


Language and Culture Workshops

Italian Language Classes:
  • ACS (Ederle) 8-week basic Italian class (free). Sign up at ACS on Caserma Ederle and arrive 20-30 minute early on registration day because spots fill up quickly!
  • Rosetta Stone: free via Army Europe Library
  • Defense Language Institute (DLI)
Adult Benvenuti (3 days, once per month)

Get immersed in Italian culture and learn your way around Vicenza! Sign up at ACS on Caserma Ederle and arrive 20-30 minute early on registration day.

Adolescent “Teenvenuti” (1 afternoon)

Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers will visit their schools and learn to navigate school and local buses. Sign up at Parent Central Services inside ACS on Caserma Ederle.


Need more help?

Confused by bills/contracts in Italian?

Visit ACS’s interpreter for free un-certified translations of bills or contracts or to help you make calls in Italian.

Certified Translations

Military One Source can provide free certified translations of documents within a few business days.