120th INF BDE Commanders Intent:

Ensure that the DEMOB & Reverse – Soldier Readiness Processing (R-SRP) is completed for each Soldier thoroughly & tracked to ensure “world-class care” with a focus on honoring every Soldier’s service & redeploy them to their home-station or home of record. 

Common Terms:

R-#s: # of Days prior to the units projected Redeployment or Return to Ft Hood for DEMOB

120th DEMOB Cell: Operationally focused on tracking & validating training along with command & control

  •     DSO (Demobilization Station Order): Unit order provided by 120th INF BDE to unit
  •     R-90 / R-60 (Coordination Forums): 120th ran meetings to answer questions & provide direction early in Pre-Demobilization Phase I of the process.

Hood MOB Brigade (HMB): Operationally focused on facilitating logistics while on Ft. Hood

  •     GSO (Garrison Support Officer):  HMB soldiers assigned you specific unit to assist in DEMOB logistics
  •     IPR (In-Progress Review): HMB ran meetings to finalize logistical coordination with Ft. Hood agencies at the end of Pre-Demobilization Phase I of the process.

DRC (Deployment Readiness Center): Collection of civilian agencies who assist with Reverse SRP / DEMOB operations.

SFL-TAP, VOW, DOLEW: SFL-TAP is made up of VOW & DOLEW trainings & is required for all soldiers leaving Active federal service

DSC (Deployment Support Cell): Group of Soldiers funded & provided by unit’s higher command to support DEMOB. May also be referred as White Cell.

Keys to DEMOB Success:

  •      Communicate Individual DEMOBs early: Contact 120th Early to provide time to prepare for soldier DEMOB
  •      Maintain your MOB Alpha Roster: When you DEMOB we want to account for everyone you MOB with.
  •      Complete SFL-TAP Training Online during downtime: Good for 24 months, saves 5 days at DEMOB.
  •      Reach out if not contacted by R-120: If you haven’t heard from us, help us out we may have a wrong date.
  •      Complete Due Outs on Time or Early if possible: Suspense dates are set to allow for greater success.

Individual DEMOB & Early REFRAD:

  •          For personnel returning early as Individual DEMOBs, notify 120th DEMOB Demobilization and Transition Operations with itinerary. We will add them to earliest available VOW/DOL class (if required).
  •          Soldiers on emergency leave, medical escort duties, etc. who are NOT going back to theater must call the DEMOB team at least 5 days prior to the leave end date or end of escort duties. Soldiers must report to Fort Hood DEMOB site the following day after their leave date has ended or escort duties are completed. Ensure Soldiers arrange travel to Fort Hood through SATO prior to their leave ending or escort duties are completed.
  •          Units cannot hold Soldiers at their leave or escort location past leave end date or completion of escort duties.
  •          Units are not authorized to send Soldiers to home station for Rear Detachment duties at the conclusion of leave or escort duties.
  •          Rear Detachment Soldiers are on a First Army approved Mobilization Order, therefore deployed Soldiers cannot come back and assume Rear Detachment duties. They either return to Theater or come to Fort Hood to DEMOB.
  •          Please send the following documentation thru email (usarmy.hood.120-inf-bde.mbx.demob-indiv@mail.mil) as soon as possible or hand carry the following documents:
  •          Individual Soldier’s Mobilization Order; to include all amendments.
  •          Individual Soldier’s TCS Order; to include all amendments.
  •          O6 Theater Release Memo.
  •          Department of Labor (DOL) Exemption Memo or Unit Roster or Completed and Signed DD 2648 (E-Form).
  •          Itinerary if available. 
  •          Soldiers must bring:
  •          RFI deployment kit and ESAPI/ESBI to be turned at DEMOB Station regardless of where CIF issued.
  •          DD 2766 Yellow Jacket Medical Folder (NOT their permanent medical records).
  •          SHPE Forms DD 2807-1 and DD 2808.
  •          Once your Soldier arrives at the Killeen Airport have them call Demobilization and Transition Operations Staff Duty for transportation, (254) 630-5837.
  •          After being received at airport, individual DEMOBs will be taken to 120th IN BDE Demobilization and Transition Operations to in process. Individual DEMOBs go through same process as units. VOW/DOL classes may happen at different point in schedule depending on availability of classes.