120th INF BDE Commanders Intent:

Ensure that the DEMOB & Reverse – Soldier Readiness Processing (R-SRP) is completed for each Soldier thoroughly & tracked to ensure “world-class care” with a focus on honoring every Soldier’s service & redeploy them to their home-station or home of record. 

Common Terms:

R-#s: # of Days prior to the units projected Redeployment or Return to Ft Hood for DEMOB

120th DEMOB Cell: Operationally focused on tracking & validating training along with command & control

  •     DSO (Demobilization Station Order): Unit order provided by 120th INF BDE to unit
  •     R-90 / R-60 (Coordination Forums): 120th ran meetings to answer questions & provide direction early in Pre-Demobilization Phase I of the process.

Mobilization Support Brigade (MSB): Operationally focused on facilitating logistics while on Ft. Hood

  •     GSO (Garrison Support Officer):  HMB soldiers assigned you specific unit to assist in DEMOB logistics
  •     IPR (In-Progress Review): HMB ran meetings to finalize logistical coordination with Ft. Hood agencies at the end of Pre-Demobilization Phase I of the process.

DRC (Deployment Readiness Center): Collection of civilian agencies who assist with Reverse SRP / DEMOB operations.

TAP, VOW, DOLEW:  TAP is made up of VOW & DOLEW trainings & is required for all soldiers leaving Active federal service

DSC (Deployment Support Cell): Group of Soldiers funded & provided by unit’s higher command to support DEMOB. May also be referred as White Cell.

DEMOB Process Quick Guide:

DEMOB Quad Chart.JPG