Mokuleia Beach

Share and care for this shoreline, the kahakai, of Mokulēʻia.  The kahakai sustains native Hawaiian plants, wildlife and our community.

Together, we can all do our part to care for the kahakai.

The interpretive sign listed many ways to care for the Mokulēʻia shoreline. The resources listed below provide additional information and opportunities for community engagement.

The story behind the sign

Malama Mokuleia Beach Sign

The interpretive sign features artwork inspired by traditional Hawaiian kapa designs. Kapa is traditional cloth made from the bark of the wauke (mulberry) tree.  

Designs are often added to the cloth using wooden implements and natural dyes. The vibrant colors and patterns displayed on Hawaiian kapa are world-renowned.

The artwork on this interpretive sign is a modern rendition of a kapa design and includes symbols that represent the natural resources of Oʻahu’s shoreline, including seabirds and wana, or sea urchins.

A few of the traditional Hawaiian place names and words featured on the sign are listed below: 

  • Mālama – to take care of, tend, attend, care for, preserve, or protect
  • Mokuleʻia – literally, isle of abundance; land section in northwest Oʻahu
  • Kahakai – seashore or beach
  • Honu – general name for turtle or tortoise