Did you know the Army will reimburse an Army spouse for qualified relicensing costs when moving?

The policy allows spouses to be reimbursed up to $1,000 for qualified relicensing costs that result from a permanent change of station or assignment to a different state. 

Commanders must appoint a primary and alternate approving authority and Certifying Officer (using DD Form 577: Appointment/Termination Record - Authorized Signature).  The Personnel Services Chief in the garrison's Directorate of Human Resource's Military Personnel Division serves as the certifying official for garrison and units that do not have an S-1. 


Only qualified relicensing cost are reimbursable. A qualified relicensing cost means any cost, including examination and registration fees, that are imposed by the state of the new duty station to secure a license or certification to engage in same profession the Soldier’s spouse was engaged in while in the state of the original duty station, and are paid or incurred by the Soldier or spouse to secure the license or certification from the state of the new duty station after the date on which the orders directing the reassignment are issued.

Reimbursement will be the lesser of the amount paid and the maximum reimbursement amount of $1,000. This is a one time reimbursement in connection with each reassignment.

This reimbursement is considered taxable income. The Defense Finance and Accounting Service, or DFAS, will issue a separate W-2 during tax season that will be available on the Soldier’s MyPay account.


Spouses of Soldiers (regular Army, Army National Guard and Army Reserve) who require a state relicensing or recertification to continue their profession in a new state are eligible for reimbursement.

  • The Soldier's orders must reflect moving from one state to a different state.
  • The Soldier's orders must reflect the movement of dependents being authorized (i.e. if the Soldier is on an unaccompanied tour and the spouse moves anyway, the spouse cannot be reimbursed for relicensing fees).

How To Apply For Reimbursement

Soldiers can apply for reimbursement by visiting their unit S-1, or personnel office, and providing:

  • SF 1034 (Form, Sample)
  • Copy of previous and current Permanent Change of Station orders
  • Copy of spouse’s previous state license and/or certification (Note: This must be from the previous state as listed on the previous set of orders)
  • Copy of license and/or certification from new state
  • Proof of fees paid for relicensing and/or recertification
  • Copy of marriage certificate