>> This page has information on how to submit a work order to the Directorate of Public Works for on post facilities such as offices, public roads or barracks.

If you need to submit a maintenance request for Island Palm Communities' on-post family housing, please call (808) 457-4075 (North region) or (808) 457-4050 (South region).

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Work requests are divided into two major categories that are based on the scope and complexity of the work to be done.  

Demand Maintenance Orders, or DMOs, are used for minor facilities maintenance and repairs that normally do not exceed 40 hours of labor to accomplish. Examples include utility outages, clogged sink/toilet, tree trimming, locks, roof leaks, or pest control.

Work Orders (DA Form 4283 Facilities Engineering Work Request (FEWRs)) are for all other maintenance, repair and construction requirements.  Examples include real property repair or construction, or the result of a safety, fire or physical security inspection.

Want more information? Check out the DPW Customer Handbook.

Demand Maintenance Orders

Routine or urgent requests should be submitted via email. See form and email address below.

DMOs should be submitted via the phone for emergencies only. Call (808) 787-1275 during the work day, or (808) 656-3279 after hours.

Note: Unless it is an emergency, all DMOs for barracks must be submitted by the barracks management representative.

Work Orders