BarracksManagementProgram.pngA service member’s living environment is an essential building block in preserving and enhancing the quality of life for our all-volunteer force. Under the Army Barracks Management Program, the Unaccompanied Personnel Housing Office in partnership with mission units shall provide adequate living accommodations for all eligible Department of Defense military and civilian personnel. 

The unaccompanied housing manager will provide military units with the technical assistance to effectively and efficiently execute day-to-day operations of unaccompanied housing.  The unaccompanied housing manager also serves as the primary point of contact and subject matter expert for unaccompanied housing.

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Unaccompanied Personnel Housing Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Ensures compliance with housing policy, processes and manages Certificates of Non-availability (CNA) / Exception to Policy (ETP), trains units on UH program / enterprise Military Housing (eMH), validates Barracks Occupancy and Utilization Reporting (BOR & BUR respectively), validates Installation Status Report-Services (ISR-S), organizes partnering sessions with military leadership, provides Contracting Officer / Quality Assurance Representative for furnishings, appliances and drayage, conducts furnishing management / requisition, conducts 100% annual inventory of UH furnishings (warehouse, hand receipts), prepares whole barracks replacement furnishings packages.
  • Provides unaccompanied housing management for senior NCOs and officers as applicable, serves as liaison with Residential Communities Initiatives partners for unaccompanied housing requirements, monitors recurring inspections of unaccompanied housing, assists units with ISR-I inspections.
  • Provides input to unaccompanied housing master plan for incorporation into the annual and long-range work plans, monitors service call records for cost/timely completion.
  • Analyzes and reviews diversion/conversion requests, reviews and submits ABMP quarterly reports.
  • Determines construction and leasing requirements as applicable, analyzes and reviews units; barracks footprints, budgets Sub Activity Group (SAG) 131 (QHFM).

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