BarracksManagementProgram.pngThe Furnishings Management Office is responsible for the management of furniture and appliances in government-owned Army family housing and unaccompanied personnel housing.

This includes:

  • Controlling inventory (hand receipts)
  • Acquiring, disposing, transporting, and inventory exchange
  • Providing one-for-one direct exchanges

FMO Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Manages initial and annual inventory and hand receipt updates for barracks furnishings.
  • Inspects furnishings during assignment/termination for serviceability, condition, cleanliness, and service member-caused damages or loss.
  • Issues room furnishings eMH generated hand receipts to occupants.
  • Identifies and submits furnishings service tasks in eMH and moves/handles furnishings one-for-one replacement.
  • Initiates collections (Statement of Charges/Cash Collection Voucher or FLIPL) as needed for service member-caused damages or loss to furnishings.

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