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The Fort Gordon Retiree Council is composed of 20 members (8 commissioned officers, 2 warrant officers and 10 enlisted personnel.  Although an Army program, the Retiree Council serves all military retirees in the region seeks representatives from the other Services to serve on the council.  Any retiree from any military service interested in serving on the Council should contact the Retirement Services Officer, email the Council at or message us on our Facebook page (Fort Gordon Retiree Council).  Our goal is to assist you in obtaining the latest retiree news affecting you and your family.  Equally important, is the means of providing input/comments/recommendations to the RSO and members of the Retiree Council for immediate action and resolution.  Instead of waiting until the annual RAD or trying to call and visit the RSO, you now can easily communicate with the RSO and Retiree Council via electronic media. We invite your questions and comments and look forward to serving you.


Fort Gordon Retiree Appreciation Day (RAD) is Saturday, November 2, 2019; click here to download flyer.  Briefings, medical screenings will be available for all retiree participants.  Lunch (for those that register and pay for meals) will be available.  The primary purpose of the lunch is to provide updates from the Garrison and DDEAMC Commanders.  Unlike in the past, RAD's will now be a regular annual occurrence to ensure that all retirees are updated on the latest news and information that will impact them as Fort Gordon grows and expands due to new mission requirements.  Details for the RAD will be available in the near future and posted to the Fort Gordon Website and Retiree Council Facebook page.


Retiree Council flyer_2020_Aug24.jpg Retiree Council 2020: click here to download flyer.


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