We are committed to minimizing any potentially adverse environmental impact that may result from our daily operations and to take a proactive role in being conscientious stewards of the Korean lands entrusted to this garrison.

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1. Environmental Division Support Services

• Environmental Quality Control Committee
• Project Review
• Bio-remediation Facility/Land Farm Operation
• Staff Assistance Visits
• Environmental Policies and SOPs

2. Environmental Conservation Branch

• Natural Resources (Wetland, T&E Species, Invasive Species)
• Cultural Resources (Artifacts, Historical Buildings)
• Record of Environmental Consideration (REC)

3. Environmental Compliance Branch

• Environmental Compliance Inspections
• Environmental Officer Course (EO Course)
• Hazardous Material/Hazardous Waste Handler’s Training
• Hazardous Material / Waste Management
• Spill Response
• Spill Contingency Planning
• Drinking Water
• Waste water
• Solid Waste Management
• Recycling
• Used Oil Removal
• Aboveground and Underground Storage Tanks
• Pest Management
• Air Quality / Ozone Depleting Substance Management
• Asbestos Management
• Lead-Based Paint
• PCBs
• Pollution Prevention

Please Use The Following Links In The Related Documents Section Below To Download Policy, Training, Awareness Information And Training Offerings And Schedules.

Environmental Officer Designation Template
USAG Daegu Environmental Training Schedule
USAG Daegu Environmental Compliance Inspection Schedule
USAG Daegu Environmental Compliance Inspection Checklist
USAG Daegu Corrective Action Plan Form
Hazardous Waste Turn-in Document Sample (DD Form 1348-1a)
Blank DD Form 1348-1a
Hazardous Waste and Used POL Accumulation Log (USFK Form 215-E)
Hazardous Waste Inventory (USKF Form 216-E)
Hazardous Waste Storage Area Weekly Inspection Check List
Hazardous Waste Accumulation Point Weekly Inspection Check List
Recycling Pamphlet
Cultural Resources Awareness Pamphlet
USAG Daegu Self-Environmental Awareness Slide