Credentialing Soldiers improves Army readiness through retention of quality Soldiers, enhances Soldier career progression, and provides Soldiers with skills and capabilities reflective of civilian qualifications. Funding is provided for voluntary off-duty courses and/or exams lading to an industry-recognized academic or vocational credential listed in the Army COOL website.

Active duty Soldiers are eligible to use the Credentialing Assistance Program. Credentialing Assistance will pay for all necessary books, supplies, and associated materials required for an approved training course and/or exam. Soldiers may use both Federal Tuition Assistance (TA) and Credentialing Assistance (CA); however, the combined usage shall not exceed the $4,000 fiscal year limit.

The following criteria must be met:

a) Soldiers must meet basic Federal TA eligibility requirements.

b) Soldiers cannot be flagged under provisions of AR 600-8-2.

c) Soldiers cannot be a contracted ROTC scholarship cadet (receiving tuition and fees or room and board) or Green to Gold ROTC program cadet.

d) Soldiers must have enough time remaining in service to complete the credential before separating from the Army.

Effective 1 January 2020, Area IV Education Center guidance counselors will assist Soldiers in understanding of this program and provide approval for programs listed in the Army COOL website. Soldiers will be able to attend a Credentialing brief or request Credentialing Assistance counseling with an Education Counselor to verify eligibility. Soldiers will then research Army COOL ( for Credentialing requirements and select the credential/license of choice. Afterwards, Soldiers will identify the school/online training facility credentialing agency of your desired license.

Soldiers must complete a separate Credential Plan (lists all required training courses and exams) for each training course and exam for desired Credential. Once this is completed, Soldiers will digitally sign the Credentialing Assistance Statement of Understanding (SOU), activate their GoArmyEd account (, and open a helpdesk case titled “Credentialing Request” as the case type and attach their completed Credential Plan. The credentialing request must be submitted at least 30 days before the class start date.

CA Website information with Soldier’s checklists:

For assistance in the Credentialing Assistance Program, contact the Area IV Camp Henry Education Center Counselor Support’s phone number at 763-4920 or the Camp Carroll Education Center Guidance Counselor’s phone number at 763-5405. Walk-ins are available from Monday to Friday, 0800-1700 (Closed on federal holidays, weekends, and every Thursday from 0800-1300 for staff training). Office locations are Camp Henry Education inside Bldg. S-1840 or Camp Carroll Education Center inside Bldg. T-236.