Command sponsored and authorized unaccompanied personnel will receive Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) to help offset the cost of living on the local economy. Civilian personnel will receive a Living Quarters Allowance (LQA) determined by the employee's grade, duty station, and the number of family members. Current rates can be obtained from any military Finance Office or Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC).

Many different types of housing is available on the local economy from small 1-bedroom to big 5-bedroom apartments. Housing is always available when living off-post, it's just a matter of finding the right house for the Soldier and his/her Family Members. Housing in Daegu, on average, is between $1300 - $1700 a month and about $700 extra for utilities. While housing in Waegwan (Camp Carroll area) is between $1300 – $1700 and about $400 - $500 for utilities.

Personnel authorized to reside off post will go through a U.S. Forces Korea Registered Licensed Realtor to secure housing.   Lease preparation for the authorization of housing allowances are processed at Housing Office.  To obtain contact information for registered licensed realtors in your area, please visit or contact USAG Daegu Housing Office (DSN: 763-5166) in Soldier Support Center, Bldg #330, Camp Walker.

Lease Copy: Sample of lease copy and lease signing procedures. Lease preparation for the authorization of housing allowances are processed at the Housing Office.

List of Approved Realtors: Approved Realtors in Daegu, Waegwan and Busan

Loaner Furniture: Loaner furnishings and appliances may be issued for: (A) up to 90 days to eligible in-bound personnel  (B)  60 days to eligible out-bound personnel. Furniture Management Branch will schedule a pick up appointment within 90 days from the date of issue.

Living Quarters Allowance Allotment: LQA is administered by the Civilian Personnel Office and varies depending on location within Korea.  LQA fluctuates every two weeks and is comprised of:  a.  Rent:  A recurring set payment for the monthly rental payment or a lump sum payment as requested by the civilian employee.  b.  Utility Allowance:  A recurring payment requested by the employee based on the Living Housing Allowance used to pay for utilities

Off-post Apartments: A wide variety of off post housing options to choose from that are within a short driving distance from the installation.

Pets: The Korean government has pet policies in place which must be adhered to when bringing a pet with you to the peninsula. This includes strict leash laws and restrictions on some breeds. Please also read the Army Policy for domestic animals on Army installations.