Religious Support Office

About us

One of the first things many Soldiers and Families look for when they arrive at a new Army post is a place of worship. We hope you will find what you need here on Fort Carson to care for your spiritual well-being.

Here at Fort Carson we aim to meet your spiritual and religious needs. In addition to chaplains and religious affairs specialists/NCOs serving every unit, we have various religious services and programs hosted in our five chapels and other locations across the installation, offering religious services and programs with your “spiritual needs” in mind. Whatever your religious background, you can grow and flourish spiritually during your assignment here at the Mountain Post, the “Best Hometown in the Army.”

If you have special religious needs or questions about Religious Support, call the Fort Carson Religious Support Office (RSO) at 719-526-5279 or email the RSO Team at

Should you have any issues contacting the RSO, call the Garrison Chaplain at 719-233-1468.

For emergency religious support issues, contact the Emergency On-Call Duty Chaplain at 719-291-9619.