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The U.S. Army Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development System (NCOPDS) is designed to help Soldiers progress through the enlisted ranks while equipping them for positions of greater responsibility. The mission of the 168th Regiment, Regional Training Institute (RTI) is to provide quality and challenging instruction through academic and performance based training that develops future disciplined, agile and adaptive NCOs.

***Army Service Uniform/Army Green Service Uniform (Class A) are the required uniform for graduation.*** Report time is 9 a.m.

Army National Guard ASU/AGSU Exception to Policy Guidance

***Army Directive 2021-17 Para. 5C. Effective 1 June 2022 for RA and USAR Soldiers, eligibility to attend the BLC requires that a SPC be first recommended for promotion to the rank of SGT***

Denied Entry Policy for Non-Promotable Soldiers

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In-processing Document Checklist

Accountability/Pay Documents (select one as applicable for AD/NG/USAR):
  BLC DA 4197, signed by Schools NCO and Company Commander (AD/AGR)
  Pay Orders (National Guard)
  Active Duty Training School Orders (Army Reserve)
Pre-requisite Documents:
  TASS Pre-execution Checklist (TRADOC Form 350-18-2-R-R, APR 2018) Signed
  Individual Medical Readiness Printout (without 30 days of ATRRS Report Date)
  SSD-1 or DLC-1 Certificate
  Soldier Talent Profile (within 30 days of ATRRS Report Date)
Promotion Eligibility Documents (provide one, as applicable for SPC/E-4):
  Board Proceeding Memorandums (CSM and BC signed)
  IPPS-A Promotion Point Worksheet, Recommendation for Promotion Annotated