JMC, Quintana photo, 9-28-23.jpgMaj. Zach Quintana talks about how JMC’s persistent experimentation efforts have made him a better officer and allowed him to observe and work with various units around the Joint force.

“My experience with persistent experimentation in the last year has been tremendous. From the point I showed up at JMC about a year ago, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to Washington, Hawaii, the Philippines, Alaska, and now Germany, where I’m currently standing.” Watch the full video here.


Maj. John Donaho discusses the benefits and appeal of living inJMC, Donaho photo, 2-10-23.jpg El Paso, Texas, and the important role JMC plays in the future of the Army.

“El Paso is close to skiing, hiking, and a lot of outdoor activities we enjoy.” Watch the full video here.



JMC, Carroll photo, 2-10-23.jpgCapt. Liam Carroll discusses Project Convergence and being assigned to JMC as a U.S. Army Captain.

“JMC punches above its weight class. We deal with Theater Armies and Major Commands, the Joint Force, and our partners in Great Britain and Australia.” Watch the full video here.


JMC, Zakarison photo, 2-10-23.jpgMaj. Aaron Zakarison discusses JMC and Project Convergence as a beneficial broadening assignment.

“Working with Joint Partners, we cross-pollinate ideas all the time, and we’re able to learn from each other and work through problems none of us have ever encountered. We always find a good solution and learn from that experience.” Watch the full video here.


JMC, McCoy photo, 2-10-23.jpgMaj. Josiah McCoy discusses using standard Army processes against non-standard problems and rewarding experiences of JMC.

“It’s about learning how the Army is going to fight in the future. It’s prepared me for the challenges the Army will face in the future.” Watch the full video here.


JMC, Torrez photo, 2-10-23.jpgMaj. Derek Torrez discusses trust and autonomy, as well as networking opportunities while assigned to JMC.

“If you care what the future force looks like, and how the future force will fight and inter-operate with Joint and Multinational partners, this is the place for you to be.” Watch the full video here.