Primary:DSN: 476-2080/3398 CIV: 09662-83-2080/3398

Primary: DSN: 476-2080/3398 CIV: 09662-83-2080/3398

Sunday 24/7
Monday 24/7
Tuesday 24/7
Wednesday 24/7
Thursday 24/7
Friday 24/7
Saturday 24/7

BLDG 2099
South Camp Vilseck DE


Primary:DSN: 466-2713 (Emergency Line 2812) CIV: 09472-83-2713 (Emergency Line: 2812)

Primary: DSN: 466-2713 (Emergency Line 2812) CIV: 09472-83-2713 (Emergency Line: 2812)


Secondary: 09472-83-2713

Sunday 24/7
Monday 24/7
Tuesday 24/7
Wednesday 24/7
Thursday 24/7
Friday 24/7
Saturday 24/7

BLDG 358
Hohenfels Tng Area DE 9173


Primary:DSN: 440-3801 CIV: 08821-750-3801

Primary: DSN: 440-3801 CIV: 08821-750-3801


Secondary: 08821-750-3827

Sunday 24/7
Monday 24/7
Tuesday 24/7
Wednesday 24/7
Thursday 24/7
Friday 24/7
Saturday 24/7

BLDG 209
Artillery Kaserne DE


The Directorate of Emergency Services conducts community based law enforcement, fire services and physical security operations for USAG Bavaria.

> Military Police: DSN 114 (Emergency)

> Fire & Emergency Services: DSN 112 (Emergency)

We provide Emergency Services in any case of fire, accident, medical, natural or man-made disaster. We also provide non-emergency technical services when special equipment or know-how of the fire service is needed.
  • CIV 09641-83-112

> Fire Safety Program

  • USAG Bavaria Fire Prevention Program:

Installation Access Control

> Physical Security

The physical security section develops new or updates existing physical security policies, procedures, and plans for the director of emergency services guidance and intent to protect garrison assets from loss, theft or destruction. The physical security office is located in building 506 on Tower Barracks.

> MP Administration

The administration section processes military police reports. Customers may pick up accident reports approximately 10 working days or once the report is final. Customers should call the administration office to confirm report(s) are final and ready for pick up.
  • DSN 476-1580, CIV 09662-83-1580

> Military Police Investigations

The Military Police Investigations section performs a wide range of crime related investigative services in coordination with USACID and Host Nation authorities when applicable.

> Additional Contacts

  • Operations: DSN 476-2911, CIV 09662-83-2911
  • Police Interpreter: DSN 476-4315, CIV 09662-83-4315
  • German Police Liaison: DSN 476-4312, CIV 09662-83-4312
  • Suicide Prevention Hotline: DSN 475-118, CIV 09641-83-118
  • SHARP Hotline: DSN 569-4567, CIV 09641-70-569-4567
  • Domestic Violence Hotline: DSN 476-3218, CIV 09662-83-3218



Vehicle Registration

> Bicycle Registration

Complete and submit the bicycle registration form to the Military Police desk: Bicycle Registration Form

> Motorcycle Requirements

Guidelines for operating motorcyles on U.S. military installations in Europe:

> What to do in case of a traffic accident

Assess your injuries and those of the passengers in your vehicle. If you or your passengers require medical assistance, contact the German Police (110) if off post, or the Military Police if on post at CIV: 0711-680-5262.
  • Do not move your vehicle unless directed by the German Police or Military Police.
  • Obtain the name, license number, and insurance information from the other driver.
  • If in government vehicle, complete SF 91, Motor Vehicle Accident Report form.
Take note of the following environmental considerations:
  • Type of intersection
  • Type of road (concrete, dirt, gravel or cobblestone)
  • Weather conditions
  • Lighting conditions
  • Traffic signals
  • Obstruction or obstacles on the road
  • Name of street, locality or adjacent area
  • Name(s) of the German / Military police on scene and actions taken
Report the accident within 72 hours. Failure to report the accident within the prescribed time may result in punitive action.

> Traffic Accident Investigations

The DES traffic section is responsible for investigating major traffic accidents which occur on post or off post when the USAREUR licensed individual has sustained injuries in a privately owned or government plated vehicle. They also ensure compliance with applicable traffic and vehicle registration regulations, and compile a listing of abandoned vehicles.