Appointments are required for all passport application processing.

Walk-ins are welcome for Passport Pick-up, SOFA
Card issuance, and Out-Processing."


No Fee, Diplomatic or Official Passports

Tourist Passports

Consular Report of Birth Abroad

Only eCRBA accepted at this time

The U.S. Consulate will only accept the eCRBA method of the Consular Report of Birth Abroad due to staffing shortages. Paper copies may only be accepted in cases of extreme emergency.

Please contact us with questions regarding emergency situations.

Status of Forces Agreement Services

  •  SOFA Checklist for non-restricted passport
  •  For the SOFA checklist for a restricted country passport, please contact us. 

SOFA: Active duty proof of SOFA is ID Card and orders. Dependents and Civilians have 90 days to obtain proof of SOFA after arrival. If SOFA expires, you revert to tourist status and again have up to 90 days to obtain a new proof of SOFA.

SOFA STAMPS in No-Fee/Official Passports are the approved solution for dependents and civilians and expire when the passport does. SOFA cards are the work-around, if there is no stamp. The SOFA card is issued to the highest held passport and expires the earliest of end-of-tour, ID card expiration, or passport expiration. It is not transferrable to another passport and it is illegal to have both a stamp and a card.