• The VA Benefits Advisor (Contractor) has a vast source of knowledge on current VA benefits for eligible veterans and their eligible family members.
  • This office briefs on specific benefits during the Transition Assistance Program classes (contact the TAP center for details on pre-separation requirements).
  • You can also request a broader or more specific VA related briefings for a specific audience (i.e. for NCO professional development, unit training, etc.).
Due to COVID-19, the VA Benefits Advisor is providing most services remotely and can be reached through the office numbers listed on this page.
  • If you need to contact a VA representative (government employee) directly (e.g., regarding your claims status), please contact the VA Overseas Military Service Coordinator at either: OMSCGER1.VBAVACO@VA.GOV or  OMSCGER3.VBAVACO@VA.GOV