Passport Application Checklists and Instructions

RAPIDS appointment system Appointments:

  • Have priority and are recommended for all passport applications
  • Are Absolutely Mandatory for Report of Birth Abroad applications
  • Are Required for tourist passport applications

Walk-in Services:

  • Active duty official passport applications
  • Out-processing
  • SOFA cards
  • Passport Pick-ups
  • Document Verification for Social Security Card and ITIN applications
  • Questions
  • Optional Station for In-Processing, See us only if you need a service

Passports are renewable one year prior to the expiration date. European countries require 6 months remaining on the passport to make entry, plan accordingly. Make your appointment to renew your passport 8-9 months before expiration. Passport agents will make a copy of all your passports and certify that they have seen the originals. For most renewals, you retain your current passport until the new one arrives at the Passport Office. Exceptions: Initial applications and Lost/Stolen/Mutilated require an original birth certificate, applications for a Diplomatic or to replace a Diplomatic with an Official/No-Fee require the passport to be sent in, and reports of birth abroad require all original documents to be sent to the Frankfurt Consulate.

  • Average return time for Tourist Passports is 3-5 Weeks
  • Average return time for Official/No-Fee/Diplomatic Passports is 6-8 Weeks
  • Average return time for Reports of Birth Abroad/Passport for newborns is 8-12 Weeks

Expedite and Emergency Processing

According to the State Department, all U.S. military-affiliated personnel in Germany must apply for passports and Consular Reports of Birth Abroad through their local U.S. military installation passport office. Please make an appointment online using the  RAPIDS appointment system or the Garrison Smartphone App.

Make an Appointment

If you must wear glasses for your photo then you will need to provide a letter from your doctor explaining the medical necessity.

ALERT: NEWLY  NATURALIZED SOLDIER'S SENT OVERSEAS MAY NOT BE ABLE TO PASS ON US CITITIZENSHIP TO CHILDREN BORN OVERSEAS. If the only US Citizen parent was Naturalized less than 5 years before the birth, it is highly advised to have the child in the US. 

No Fee, Diplomatic or Official Passports

Initial and Renewal

Lost, Stolen or Mutilated

Tourist Passports

Initial and Renewal

Lost, Stolen or Mutilated

Consular Report of Birth Abroad

Status of Forces Agreement Services

SOFA: Active duty proof of SOFA is ID Card and orders. Dependents and Civilians have 90 days to obtain proof of SOFA after arrival. If SOFA expires, you revert to tourist status and again have up to 90 days to obtain a new proof of SOFA.

SOFA STAMPS in No-Fee/Official Passports are the approved solution for dependents and civilians and expire when the passport does. SOFA cards are the work-around, if there is no stamp. The SOFA card is issued to the highest held passport and expires the earliest of end-of-tour, ID card expiration, or passport expiration. It is not transferrable to another passport and it is illegal to have both a stamp and a card.