Our Mission 

The Customs Office supports U.S. Army Europe's Provost Marshal by coordinating host nation customs policy and programs affecting the U.S. Forces and U.S. members in Germany. The Office enforces the NATO Status of Forces Agreement with its supplementary agreement and investigates violations of customs and tax privileges which are granted to U.S. Forces personnel in Germany. 

Common Customs Forms

AE Form 550-175A, Import/Export Certificate:
If you wish to import personal property into Germany you must obtain an Import Certificate from a U.S. Army Customs field office. Examples of this would be if you ship or order a vehicle, household goods, or other merchandise from a location located outside of the European Union (EU) at your own expense.

AE Form 550-175B, Permit to Transfer:
If you wish to sell or otherwise transfer personal property, which was imported duty-free or purchased tax-free, to someone not entitled SOFA privileges, such as-vehicles, personally owned firearms, or other tax-free property you must obtain an export certificate from a U.S. Army Customs Field Office.

AE Form 550-175C, Request for Exception to Policy for Authorization to Operate a Privately Owned Vehicle:
This form is used to authorize a non-command sponsored spouse to operate a USAREUR plated POV for 90 days or less.

AE Form 550-175D, Authorization to Operate a Privately Owned Vehicle:
This form is used to authorize a family, relatives, and friends visiting Germany for 90 days or less to allowing them to operate your USAREUR plated vehicle.

AE Form 550-175L, POL (Fuel) Authorization for Rental Vehicle:
To obtain a Fuel Ration Card authorization for rental vehicles visit the U.S. Army Customs office duty normal duty hours or the local MP Station during non-duty hours. You must have a valid German rental contract (name of authorized person/s must be annotated on contract), German Vehicle Registration (Green Form), your Military ID card, and USAREUR driver’s license. Additionally, if TDY bring a copy of your orders and Contractors must have a valid SOFA card.

Violations to Avoid

llegal Import / Export of Prohibited / Illegal Items or Abuse of system (Weapons, Drugs, Medications, Vitamins, Supplements, Merchandise for Unauthorized Personnel, Utilizing for Business Operations, etc.)

Military Postal Facilities and APOs:
It is illegal to import or and export of alcoholic beverages, coffee & coffee products, tobacco products, drugs, drug paraphernalia, prescription medication, vitamins & supplements, firearms & explosives, meat & plant products, and pornography. It is also illegal to use a Military Postal Facility and APO for personal profit, gain, or commercial enterprise.

Illegal Transfers:
Transferring Tax-free Goods or Services to someone not entitled to SOFA privileges. (Some examples are vehicles, weapons, fuel, items imported or purchased with tax-free privileges [VAT, AAFES, DECA], etc.)