AtHoc_Logo.jpgThe AtHoc mass-warning notification system sends registered users emergency warnings and other critical information, such as hazardous road conditions, reporting delays, and base closures due to severe weather. The notifications are mostly local, but may also be theater-wide.

The system notifies users in several ways: as a pop-up on your workstation computer, an email to work and home addresses, a text message to your cellphone, and a voicemail to work, home and cell phones. There is also as smartphone AtHoc application.

Keep your information up to date. If you move to a new office or get a new personal cell number, make sure to go into AtHoc and provide your current information. AtHoc is effective in reaching community members with critical  messages in real time, but its success depends on users' input.

Who Must Register?

AtHoc is NOT optional - it is a Headquarters Department of the Army (HQDA) requirement to be a registered user. All U.S. and non-U.S. military, civilian (all categories) and contractor personnel whose normal place of duty is on an Army garrison, installation, community, forward site and/or facility must register in AtHoc.

Registration Procedures for service members, DOD Civilians & Contractors

  • STEP 1: From your work computer, look for the AtHoc icon, a purple globe, on the taskbar in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • STEP 2: Scroll slowly over the icon to make sure the installation location is correct. The tag should read "Army AtHoc Europe [powered by AtHoc]" from all USAG Stuttgart locations.
  • STEP 3: Right click on the AtHoc icon and select Access Self-Service from the pop-up menu.
  • STEP 4: Complete all fields with an asterisk. Off-duty contact information must be provided. If you do not routinely use a government computer to receive email, then provide your personal email in the work email field. This implies that you have a smart device that you receive email on.
  • STEP 5: Enter all phone numbers as if dialed from the United States, starting with 01149. For example, a work number on Panzer Kaserne it would look like this: 01149703115XXXX (XXXX = last four of your DSN Number). You may also use stateside provided numbers that you are using in Germany (i.e. VOIP Servie). When finished entering all information - select the SAVE button. 

Registration for Family Members & Retirees

Family members of U.S. and non-U.S. military, civilian and contractor personnel whose normal place of duty is on an Army garrison or in an Army facility can also be registered in AtHoc. To register, sponsors should add family member data on the AtHoc self-registration page in the additiona lfields that have been provided.  This is very important for family members that are also MWR employees as they are not usually provided a CAC.