Our Mission

The Stuttgart Field Office conducts aggressive unilateral, bilateral, and multilateral CI operations to deny, disrupt, and dominate hostile intelligence threats to DoD organizations, personnel, equipment, and missions within the German state of Baden-Württemberg. On order, SFO provides scalable CI capabilities throughout the EUCOM area of responsibility in support of USAREUR-AF missions.


ACI Services

CI Education:

  • CI Support to DoD Organization: CI advice, assistance, and threat information for USAG-Stuttgart tenant organizations
  • CI Education Programs: Threat Awareness and Reporting Program (TARP), CI Awareness and Reporting (CIAR), Specialized CI Threat Briefs
  • CI Support to DoD Programs: CI Support to Defense Critical Infrastructure Program (DCIP), Anti-Terrorism / Force Protection, Security, OPSEC

CI Operations:

  • Conduct national security investigations related to counterespionage and counterterrorism
  • Conduct liaison activities with US / partner nation law enforcement and intelligence organizations 
  • Conduct CI debriefings and additional efforts to answer command intelligence requirements   

CI Products:

  • Investigative results and findings to Commanders
  • CI products related to CI threats and vulnerabilities
  • Intelligence Reporting 

Coordination for CI Special Services:

  • Cyber CI support and analysis
  • Technical Surveillance and Countermeasures (Often coordinated with Command SSO)
  • Polygraph Examinations (Often coordinated with Command SSO)


Incidents to Report:

If you’re approached or questioned by someone who you believe may be associated with a hostile intelligence service, international terrorist organization, and/or you believe they represent a potential insider threat report immediately to ACI. 

If you become aware of individuals with unreported foreign contacts, unreported or excessive foreign travel, severe financial hardship, unexplained affluence, disregard for security practices, attempts to gain access to projects or information with no need to know, and/or unapproved removal of classified or sensitive information, report immediately to ACI.


Common Incidents to Report:

  • Suspicious questioning about military plans, intentions, capabilities and/or technologies
  • Suspected or known unauthorized access to information systems or networks
  • Unreported foreign contact, travel, and/or possible foreign influence 
  • Excessive spending beyond explainable income
  • Suspected or known incidents in which sensitive or classified information was provided to unauthorized individuals
  • Suspected or known support to terrorist organizations
  • Expressing ideological support for or engaging in violence against the US Army or Government
  • Reference AR 381-12, Chapter 3 and DoDD 5240.06, Enclosure 4 for a complete list of CI reportable incidents


How to Report an Incident:

Be observant and attentive, remember details about people, places, conversations, and vehicles. Remain non-committal if propositioned. The Stuttgart Field Office can be reached at the phone numbers listed on this page.


How to Report an Incident

Contact the Stuttgart Field Office or use the iReport.
When using iReport, please do not list any classified or sensitive information.

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