Standardized Marne Athlete Reconditioning & Training

SMART PrT provides safe, evidence based, and progressive reconditiong instruction to personnel with upper extremity, lower extremity, and spinal injuries.

Become a SMART Trainer

SMART Academy enrollment is coordinated through the Division Surgeon Section Operations NCO at 912-435-9863.  Class Size limited to 12 Soldiers.

Download the SMART Prt Manual

Contact Us

M-F 9:30am-5pm

Bldg 1, Dr. Ben Hall Drive, Fort Stewart

Division Surgeon: (912) 435-9858

Division Surgeon SGM: (912) 435-9582

About the SMART Academy

The instruction

SMART Academy is an 11-day program. It consists of 3 phases:

Phase I (Day 1)

Review videos and SMART Academy book. Download it on this page, or view it on the Fort Stewart/Hunter AAF app.

Once you have reviewed the videos and book, schedule a brief with the Division Surgeon’s office. Briefs for SMART PrT are held Fridays from 2pm-5pm in Division HQs, Bldg 1.

During this brief, you’ll review the next two phases as well as the Army Body Composition Program (ACP). You’ll also learn to understand physical profiles better.

Phase II (Days 2-5)

During the second phase, you’ll learn to understand the various exercises and how to instruct them to be performed properly.

Phase II consists of three classroom days, each from 6:30am-8pm at the North TMC.

Phase III (Days 6-11)

During Phase III, you will instruct members of the medical staff on how to perform the SMART PrT exercises. This will ensure that you can properly execute and instruct the prescribed exercises at your unit. On the last day of Phase III,you will take a written and practical examination.

Academy Prerequisites

Must be E5 or E6 only.

Commanders can submit names of Soldiers other than E5/E6 for training.

No musculoskeletal or orthopedic profile limitations

Uniform for academy

Complete APFT uniform.

Notepad & writing utensil


SMART Book (either on Fort Stewart app, downloaded to phone, or printed).


Soldiers who fail to pass the examination and practical exercise will be able to attend necessary remedial training with the following class and re-test the following teaching cycle. Further failure to pass will result in command notification and appropriate counseling.