Recently an updated flyer was sent to all residents outlining the new trash and recycling pick-up days.

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Recently an updated flyer was sent to
all residents outlining the new trash and
recycling pick-up days for each
neighborhood. This information is posted
on the Resident Portal and printed copies
are available at the Liberty Woods office.
In an effort to identify bins that are left
out after pick-up, we are also in the
process of labeling all trash and recycling
bins with the address they belong to. This,
combined with your efforts to ensure bins
are put out no earlier than 1900 the night
before pick-up and pulled back no later
than 1900 the day of pick-up, will make a
significant impact on the appearance of
the FSGA/HAAF Family Homes
In addition to making our
community safer for children playing
outside, as they are more readily visible to
drivers when bins are not cluttering the
curb, proper management of these bins
will help ensure our landscaping crews
can access all areas in order to complete
lawn care services.
Please note that discrepancy notices
will be issued for failure to comply with
this policy.



The life span of household appliances can vary significantly depending on use.

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The life span of household appliances can vary significantly depending on use. As such, age is just one factor taken into consideration when determining whether to repair or replace an appliance.
When a resident reports an issue with an appliance, a Balfour Beatty Communities maintenance technician will also review the records on the home to determine if the same, or other issues, have been repeatedly reported on that appliance.
If new parts are needed to complete the repair, Balfour Beatty considers whether those parts are readily available given the age of the appliance.
In general, if the same issue has been reported three times on an appliance, a BBC maintenance supervisor is notified and the appliance is replaced.



Here's a list of all of the free stuff you can pick up from your housing office and how often. 



We use RENTCafé to deliver ‘Resident Portal’ services to our residents!

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Yes! Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield Family Homes has always used the RENTCafé product to deliver online and mobile app ‘Resident Portal’ services to our residents.
Recently, FSGA/HAAF Family Homes has started to actively promote their Resident Portal, which allows
residents to seamlessly submit and track service requests, 24/7, from their computer or mobile device.

The Resident Portal, available to both Apple and Android users, offers residents the ability to view their account information, communicate with the FSGA/HAAF Family Homes team, access community policies and forms, service schedules, health and safety information, information on schools and other area resources. We encourage all residents to register for the Resident Portal and download the mobile app so that all of their community needs can be managed conveniently.

Residents can log onto the Resident Portal by clicking on “Resident” at the top right of the FSGA/HAAF Family Homes main webpage, www.fortstewartfamilyhomes.com, or www.hunteraafhomes.com.

After clicking on the Resident button, it will take you to a screen where if you have already registered, you will be able to log in; if you haven’t registered, you can do so here as well.



Housing Environmental Health Registry launched to address housing concerns.

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ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Maryland -- The U.S. Army Medical Command is establishing a Housing Environmental Health Response Registry to address housing health or safety concerns of current or former Army housing residents.

The registry will allow the Army Public Health Center to provide current or former residents information on environmental health hazards, assist them in seeking medical care for any housing related illnesses or concerns, and serve as a two-way exchange of information for all potential enrollees.

Initially the housing registry is intended for on-post residents who submitted work orders that met the life, health or safety conditions.

For example, call if you have a work-order for mold, lead-based paint, lead in your drinking water, asbestos or radon. To enroll in the registry, call the toll-free hotline at 1-800-984-8523. The registry will be manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Additionally you can call 210-295-3700.

“We have a team of trained professionals standing by to assist all callers," said John Resta, director of the U.S. Army Public Health Center and acting deputy chief of staff of Public Health for the U.S. Army Medical Command. “They will document the caller's concerns and assist them with access to medical care if needed as well as referring any housing related concerns to the appropriate installation Department of Public Works. We want to hear all concerns so we can make sure they are properly addressed.”

APHC provides continuously updated online health information and resources on mold and lead for service members, families, civilians, contractors and healthcare providers. The information includes background information on how these hazards can be introduced into the environment as well as strategies for prevention.

For information about the registry, community resource guides and housing hazard information, visit Caution-https://phc.amedd.army.mil/topics/campaigns/housin... > .



Soldiers having issues with barracks room door locks should notify the unit Barracks Manager.

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Soldiers who are having issues with barracks room door locks (yellow light or red light flashing) when trying to access their room, should immediately notify the unit Barracks Manager.

Your unit Barracks Manager can interrogate your key or conduct a lock diagnostic on your door lock to determine what is wrong with the lock.

Once your unit Barracks Manager identifies the problem with your lock, they will be able to have it repaired immediately.



DPW has formed several Quality Assessment Teams to improve the quality of housing on post.

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The Senate Armed Forces Committee has pushed to improve the quality of housing on all military installations. Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield Directorate of Public Works stepped up to the plate to do its part. The DPW has formed several Quality Assessment Teams to aid and assist our Soldiers and Families and other members of the military community.

The teams are composed of Housing Managers located at Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield U.S. Army Garrisons. These employees are trained to track all life, health and safety work orders. This will be done by searching the history of the work order and following up with the residents for whom the work order was generated.

The primary purpose of the follow-up is to ensure emergency work orders are responded to immediately, completed in a timely manner and that the quality of work is consistent with Army standards and resident expectations.

In addition to the above responsibilities the teams will:

· Follow-up on some routine and urgent work order submissions.

· Conduct visual inspections of all playgrounds.

· Observe the process of prospective residents moving into military housing.

· Visually check on the curb appeal of each housing area. Any discrepancies will be immediately sent forward to the responsible entity.

So don’t be surprised if you receive a knock at your door, an e-mail or a phone call to see how the process worked from a maintenance perspective.

In the meantime, should any maintenance issues arise in your home, please call one of the following numbers to initiate the work order process.

· Fort Stewart at 912-408-2467 or go online atFortStewartFamilyHomes.com

· HAAF at 912-459-2133 or go online at HunterAAFHomes.com

· Marne Point at 912-408-2501 or go online at MarnePointApartments.com

If you have any issues with your work order call the DPW housing representative at 767-5741.



Protect your belongings and yourself from unexpected damages and injuries.

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Renters Insurance

Protectyour belongings and yourself from unexpected damages and injuries.

All on post housing Residentsare required to maintain renters insurance throughout their lease term.

The benefits of rentersinsurance are Peace of mind when accidents happen, Protection for your personalproperty, Stress free move outs and lodgingreimbursement if dislocated from home.


Residents are required to maintain a renters insurance policy with at least$100,000 in personal liability coverage throughout the duration of their lease.The renters insurance policy must also include coverage for personalbelongings, however we do not have a minimum coverage requirement for thiscomponent—the total amount of coverage for personal belongings is at theresident’s discretion.

Proof of current coverage mustbe provided to the community management office prior to move-in and demonstratethe following:

Binding or declaration ofcoverage (copy of a Declaration Sheet, a Certificate of Coverage or a confirmationof coverage letter from an insurance agent or company – quotes cannot beaccepted as proof of coverage)

Personal liability minimumcoverage of $100,000; personal belongings coverage in the amount you determine

Policy start and end dates;policy must be active as of the move-in date

Property listed as aninterested party (please use full property name)

Named insured on policy toinclude all residents named on the lease

Insured address that matchesthe home address

How much renters insurance coverage is recommend?

The appropriate amount of renter’s insurance coverage is apersonal decision.

As a point of reference, the renters insurance policyprovided through Balfour Beatty Communities included $20,000 in personalproperty coverage with a $250 deductible and liability coverage up to $100,000.

While the Army or Balfour Beatty Communities (BBC) cannotendorse or recommend a particular insurance carrier, here are some of majorcompanies that are available to you.

Insurance Information Institute: www.iii.org

USAA: www.usaa.com


Allstate: www.allstate.com

State Farm: www.statefarm.com

GEICO: www.geico.com

Please remember toshop around and compare prices. Be sureto ask about military discount options. Renter’s insurance is very affordable.

What does renter’s insurance cover?

Depending on what policy you selected it will cover anycosts associated with the following:

Damages to property (including your personal property) asa result of theft.

Natural disaster, severe weather, fire, etc.

Any liability claims relating to your acts or the acts ofyour family members, guests, and invitees.

Other unexpected events.

You may also purchase pet insurance.

Please contact BBC’s community management office with anyquestions or if you need assistance with renter’s insurance.



The issue of fencing in Army Housing has been prevalent as well.

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According to FSGA-HAAF Family Homes, all new homes come with installed fencing, as do a number of legacy homes.

While some legacy homes remain without fencing, there is a solution to that issue.

As listed in the FSGAHAAF Family Homes Resident Guide (2017), “Residents of individual homes who desire to install a fence must obtain the approved specifications from the Community Management Office.” This must be done at the tenant’s own expense.

We understand the desire for a fence, and when considering the installation of a fence we ask that prior to making any decisions, please discuss the idea with your neighbors, as some homes may share a yard with multiple tenants.

For those who do have fencing, please remember to refrain from hanging clothes, pools, rugs, etc. over the fencing.

Also, residents are responsible for the care and maintenance of fenced yards; they will not be mowed or maintained by FSGA-HAAF Family Homes.

For more information please contact your leasing office at FSGA, 767-1411 or HAAF, 459-2133.



We can’t improve without your feedback! How to make your concerns heard.

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Once your work is completed please don’t forget to take a moment to fill out the maintenance surveys to let us know how we’re doing; we can’t improve without your feedback!

Contact FSGA-HAAF Family Homes Maintenance at FSGA, 408-2466 or HAAF, 459-2147


Monthly mayor meetings

Make your voice heard at the monthly Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield Housing Mayor’s Meeting.

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If you have any issues or concerns, or just want answers to questions, then bring them to the attention of your neighborhood mayor and they’ll present them to garrison leadership and representatives from housing, FSGA-HAAF Family Homes and the Directorate of Emergency Services during the Monthly Mayors’ Meeting.

FSGA meetings are scheduled for the dates listed below, at one p.m., and held in the Garrison Conference Room, Garrison Headquarters, Bldg. 624, located across the street from Cottrell Field.

March 27

April 24

May 22

June 26

July 24

In addition, if you have any desire to serve your community and have a hand in making improvements, volunteer to be a mayor.

We are currently seeking volunteers for mayors in the North Bryan, Marne View and New Marne neighborhoods. If interested please contact David Castro at FSGAGarrisonMayorCoordinator@gmail.com.

HAAF meetings are scheduled for the dates listed below, at ten am., and held at the HAAF Garrison HQ's, Bldg. 1201 ,685 Horace Emmet Wilson Blvd.

April 3

May 1

June 5

July 3

SPLASH PARKS   -Opening soon


Splash Parks OPEN for the Season.

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As the weather heats up here in coastal Georgia something families enjoy are visits to the local splash parks, on both Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfields, but it warms up well before these locations traditionally open for the season, a concern expressed by Soldiers and Families.

As a result of you voicing your concerns, the splash parks, at both installations, will now open four weeks earlier!

So grab your swimsuits and get ready, because the splash parks will open on Saturday, May 4, and will be open from 9:30 am to 7 pm daily!



A concern raised a number of times involves bedroom eligibility and how those determinations are made.

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If a service member has zero to one child, or two children, both under the age of five, they qualify for a two-bedroom home.

If a service member has two children, at least one over the age of five, or full-time school-age children (age four if full-time Pre-K in Liberty County), then they qualify for a three-bedroom home.

If a service member has three children, or more, regardless of age, they qualify for a four bedroom home.

Once a pregnancy is confirmed by a doctor’s note, a family will be considered for the bedroom size in which they qualify, to include the unborn child. ** PLEASE NOTE ** If homes are available and there are no applicants on a particular waitlist then the homes may be leased to the applicants on the next applicable waitlist.



Cordless blinds and what changes have been made, timeframes, and the transition.

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Many of you in housing have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of cordless blinds, and while we don’t have a definitive answer on when everyone will start receiving these, what we do know to be true is that all homes, once turned over at move-out, will be equipped with these new blinds, as inventory permits.

Also, as you move out of your home you will not be charged for damages to blinds or replacements.

We are still working with FSGA-HAAF Family Homes on the timeframe for a total blind replacements as all homes are transitioned to cordless blinds, and as soon as we have that answer it will be published in a future newsletter.



FSGA-HAAF Family Homes has immediately cancelled their pet fees for families moving into Army Housing.

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While there is currently no plan to refund pet fees to current residents, what this does mean is that during any future PCS moves, where you choose to live on-post in FSGA-HAAF Family Homes housing, you will not be required to pay any pet fees during the move-in process.

It is important to note that while pet fees have been cancelled, residents with pets are still required to ensure that homes are cleaned to standard during move-out and that they may still face additional charges for any damages caused by pets.



Effective immediately, outside contractors may be hired, at the tenant's expense.

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Many of you brought up instances where you were told that you were not allowed to hire outside contractors to conduct yardwork, in addition to what FSGA-HAAF Family Homes already provides, but that has changed!

Effective immediately, outside contractors may be hired, at the tenant's expense, to conduct landscaping and yard maintenance, in compliance with the FSGA-HAAF Family Homes Resident Guide.

Also, for those of you who wish to spruce up the mulch beds around your homes, FSGA-HAAF Family Homes offers free mulch for all residents.

If you wish to get mulch please go to 654 Victory Division Loop at Fort Stewart and help yourself!

Hunter Army Airfield has limited mulch available for distribution; the next day mulch will be available on HAAF is April 27, at 1 Gannam Avenue.

FSGA-HAAF Family Homes is working to get more mulch for HAAF and increase the availability for residents.



Many residents voiced concerns about abandoned vehicles in the housing areas.

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Discrepancies Notice to owners of vehicles:

We understand the desire to live in neighborhoods free of excess or abandoned vehicles, as well as the sense of pride that comes from neat, clutter-free streets, which is why we are also asking you to call the Military Police and FSGA-HAAF Family Homes to report violations.

Not only are these types of violations an eyesore, they also become a safety issue, one that we want to rectify as soon as possible.

For those who choose to disregard policy and not utilize approved storage areas and facilities, enforcement for these instances are as follows:

A Discrepancy Notice will be issued for the first violation of any policy, which may not require a Letter of Warning or Eviction.

These types of violations require correction within two days of receipt of the notice.

Failure to do so will result in a formal letter of Warning or Eviction.

A Letter of Warning will be issued for a Resident's second violation of any nature.

Resident will have two days from receipt of letter to correct the violation.

Should Resident fail to correct the violation within two days, a Letter of Eviction may be issued to the Resident.

A Letter of Eviction may be issued for a Resident's third offense of any nature.

Resident will have thirty days in which to vacate the home.


FT Stewart Grounds Brochure
Hunter AAF Grounds Brochure


If you have a suggestion, concern, or complaint about on-post housing, follow these steps!


Contact the local management or maintenance team.

Stewart Management: 912-408-2467

Hunter Management: 912-459-2133

Stewart Maintenance: 912-408-2466

Hunter Maintenance: 912-459-2147


If you are not satisfied or your request is incomplete, contact management.

Balfour Beatty Communities: 877-253-6988


If the issue remains unresolved, contact Army Housing.

Army Housing: 912-767-4916

or email the Housing Liaison