Training Tailored to your needs

The Ready and Resilient (R2) Performance Center provides mental skills training to Soldiers, DA Civilians, and Family members to enhance resilience and optimize performance.



The two-week Master Resilience Training Course (ASI 8R) provides Soldiers, DA Civilians, and Family Members with the capability to teach proven resilience skills to the others in their organization in order to enhance their performance and increase their resiliency, both individually and collectively.

Soldiers will review the myths about resilience and why resilience is critical for success and well-being, and they learn about the scientific literature of the core factors that predict resilience, with a specific focus on the factors that are amenable to change.

Soldiers taking this course will return to the force ready to train these skills to Soldiers in their unit.



Call or email Mary Lucas at (912)767-4153,, for details, packet requirements, and to reserve your seat.

Packets must be routed to the R2 Performance Center (Bldg. 442 next to the MWR) in order to reserve your seat



The three-five day LDC course leverages the process of learn, do, coach. It follows a progression of training similar to crawl, walk, run that is familiar to Soldiers. The course is set up for Soldiers to:


1.png  Learn - gain an understanding of human performance and the skills that have shown to build mental toughness

2.png  Do - gain practical knowledge of the material as they apply and integrate the skills in a performance setting;

3.png  Coach - practice coaching and communicating course concepts in the context of their leadership position.


Enhance the capability of leaders to recognize and address the factors of optimal performance through means of mental skills training designed to maximize leader attributes and accelerate unit excellence.



Call or email Mary Lucas at (912)767-4153,, for details, scheduling, and more.

Team Building


The R2 Performance Center provides tailorable team building sessions designed to build cohesion and climate. Specifically targeting effective communication within a group, group motivation and mindset.

Hands-on exercise to help individuals learn how to better contribute within a group environment.  

Sessions include social and team cohesion classes complimented with hands-on applied training using physically and mentally challenging tasks to emphasize learning.



Call or email Mary Lucas at (912)767-4153,, for details, scheduling, and more.

Resilience Skills


The Resilience skills are designed to enhance self-awareness, self-regulation, optimistic-thinking, mental agility, strength of character, and connection.

These skills can be delivered individually to military units without a MRT, Department of the Army Civilians, and Family Members.

The most appropriate lessons can be selected based on the needs of the unit.



Call or email Mary Lucas at (912)767-4153,, for details, scheduling, and more.



The R2 Performance Center is staffed with Performance Psychology experts capable of providing mental skills training tailored to enhance how individuals perform individual tasks in the garrison or field environment.

After consultation, the R2 Performance Expert will design a training session in areas such as motivation, mindset, building confidence, integrating imagery, developing routines, attention management, and others.

These skills can be delivered in a classroom or field environment and will augment current training plans to minimize time and resources.


Call or email Mary Lucas at (912)767-4153,, for details, scheduling, and more.



ENGAGE is a two-hour skill designed to enhance awareness, responsibility, and planning.

In the Army, Leaders and Soldiers are aware of the alerts and the resources available in a time of need; however, Soldiers require more practice to successfully and routinely execute professional confrontations.

ENGAGE develops the ability and skill to drive engagements at the initial alert from a deviation of standards. By routinely engaging, Soldiers develop confidence for future crisis interventions.

As an individual skill, Soldiers routinely engage Soldiers in one-on-one communication. They routinely practice personal/professional confrontations and recognize the personal duty and obligation to be aware, be responsible and have a plan when a fellow Soldier deviates from the standard.

As an institutional skill, Soldiers develop a culture of trust, engagement and responsibility in leading. They also recognize the personal duty and obligation to foster leader and Soldier connections, encourage Soldier-to-Soldier engagement, and enhance their social network.


Call or email Mary Lucas at (912)767-4153,, for details, scheduling, and more.


Not in My Squad (NIMS)

NIMS was developed by the 15th Sergeant Major of the Army in 2015 as a grassroots initiative focused on empowering squad leaders to build professional climates founded on mutual trust and cohesive teams.

NIMS focuses on changing a unit’s environment’s by building a culture of character, self-development and performance from the ground up. As the Army’s first level of leadership, squad leaders have the most ability to influence their Soldiers and effect change.

Through NIMS, squad leaders learn strategies to create and expand positive unit environments, share best practices with each other and develop actionable solutions. NIMS events are designed for a brigade size unit or larger to allow squad leaders from different organizations to share best practices.


Call or email Mary Lucas at (912)767-4153,, for details, scheduling, and more.