Need assistance? Your local ACS is here to help!

First, determine your eligibility:

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Visit stop in your nearest ACS for a pre-screening!


I've been found eligible, what's next?

  • First, your ACS Counselor will print the forms you need and recommend payment to the certifying official.
  • Next, takes a copy of the application and supporting documentation to your Personnel Administration Center (PAC).
  • The PAC prepares a DA Form 4187, Personnel Action Request Form and forwards the package to the service member's first field grade officer in the chain of command for certification.
  • Once the application is certified, the PAC will forward the approved DA 4187 to the DMPO/Finance Battalion.
  • The Finance Battalion will forward all requests to DFAS-IN for processing and payment.



Don't forget!

Service members must recertify every year in February for the FSSA program or there may be penalties! Contact your local ACS to recertify!