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Your EO Leaders

DIV EO Manager

3rd Infantry Division EO Program Manager

LTC Scott A. Parlow

(912) 767-9265


3rd Infantry Division EO Senior Advisor

1SG Adam W. Farmer



3rd Infantry Division and DIVARTY EO Advisor

SFC Elaine Dorsey

(912) 767-1272

3rd CAB EO Advisor

3rd Combat Aviation Brigade EO Advisor

SFC Jame Alvarado

(912) 315-3492

(912) 271-9949 (C)

2 ABCT EO Advisor
1ABCT EO Advisor

1st Armored Brigade Combat Team EO Advisor

MSG Gary, Kareem

(912) 676-3459


3rd Sustainment Brigade EO Advisor

SFC Juan Mejia

(912) 767-3251

3ID and 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team

EO Advisor

SFC Beatriz Sachekmartinez

(912) 312-0718

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We know you have a lot of questions. If you don't find what you're looking for here, you can always call your unit EO Advisor or the EO office. It is completely anonymous.


Where is the Installation Equal Opportunity Office located?

The office is locatedat BLDG. 816A, 2233 Gulick Ave, same building as the post tax center.

What is the purpose of the Department of the Army Equal Opportunity Program?

The Department of the Army Equal Opportunity (EO) programformulates, directs, and sustains a comprehensive effort to maximize humanpotential and to ensure fair treatment for all persons based solely on merit,fitness, and capability in support of readiness.

What are the goals of the Army? (EO) program?

To provide EO for military personnel, and Family Members,both on and off post and within the limits of the laws of localities, states,and host nations. Create and sustain effective units by eliminatingdiscriminatory behaviors or practices that undermine teamwork, mutual respect,loyalty, and shared sacrifice of the men and women of America Army.Additionally, in many circumstances, DA civilians may use the Equal EmploymentOpportunity (EEO) complaint system.

What publication or Regulations governs the Army Equal Opportunity Program?

Army Regulations 600-20 Chapter 6 covers the EqualOpportunity Program in the Army. Chapter 7 covers the Prevention of SexualHarassment, and Appendix E covers the EO/Sexual Harassment Complaint ProcessingSystem.

Does Headquarters Department of the Army EO have a Hotline?

Yes, 1 (800) 267-9964.

What areas of complaints does the EO complaints processing system address?

TheEO complaints processing system addresses complaints that allege unlawfuldiscrimination or unfair treatment on the basis of race, color, religion,gender, and national origin.

What are two types of EO complaints?

Informal and Formal Complaint.

An informal complaint is anycomplaint that as Soldier, Family Member or DA Civilian does not wish to filein writing. Informal complaints may be resolved directly by the individual,with the help of another unit member, the commander or other person in thecomplainant’s chain of command.

A formal complaint is one that complaint filesin writing and swears to the accuracy of the information. Formal complaintsrequire specific actions, are subject to timelines, and require documentationof the actions taken.

What form is used to file a formal complaint?

DA Form 7279-R should be used file a formal complaint.

How much time does a Soldier have to file a formal complaint?

Soldiers has 60 calendar days from the date of the allegedincident in which to file a formal complaint. This time limit is established toset reasonable parameters for the inquiry or investigation and resolution of complaints, toinclude ensuring the availability of witnesses, accurate recollection of events,and timely remedial action. If a complaint is received after 60 calendar days,the commander may/may not conduct an investigation into the allegations orappoint an investigating officer.

The commander has how many days to conduct an investigation?

The commander has 14 calendar days (or three weekend drillperiods for Reserve Components) in which to conduct an investigation, eitherpersonally or through appointment of an investigating officer. If due, toextenuating circumstances, it becomes impossible to conduct a completeinvestigation within 14 calendar days allowed, the command may obtain anextension from the next higher commander for usually not more than 30 calendardays.

Can my Chain of Command not allow me to file a complaint?

No, all Soldiers, Family Members and DA Civilian areauthorized to file a complaint.

How do I know if I have an Equal Opportunity complaint?

If you believe you have been discriminated against based onthe five protected categories (Race, Color, Gender, Religion and NationalOrigin) contact your command level EOL or Brigade Equal Opportunity Advisor forfurther guidance.