Leave the snake alone and move away. Approximately half of all bites occur when individuals at-tempt to capture, harass, or kill a snake. If a snake needs to be removed, contact the Environmental Division’s Fish and Wildlife Branch: 912-767-2584/9040 or call 911 for emergencies.

Check out this pamphlet for information and pictures of snakes on Fort Stewart.

Snake Avoidance Tips:

  • Be careful when working around brush piles or other debris. Use a rake or long-handled tool to move brush, debris, or other materials.
  • Snakes prey on small animals including mice, rats, lizards, and frogs. Removing habitat for these animals (eliminating brush piles, wood piles, sources of food, etc.) will help reduce un-welcome encounters with snakes.
  • Wear snake chaps or tall leather boots when walking in thick vegetation.
  • Seek medical attention immediately if you are bitten by any venomous or unknown snake. Do not attempt to draw out the venom. If possible, collect the snake safely or take a photo



On FS/HAAF there is little cause for concern in regards to an alligator attack if a few basic guidelines are followed:

  • NEVER FEED AN ALLIGATOR. Doing so not only endangers you, but also puts others at risk because it causes the animal to lose its fear of man. Most nuisance alligators have been fed by humans.
  • Don’t swim in areas where alligators may be present (swimming is prohibited in all FS/HAAF ponds and rivers)
  • Maintain a safe distance. Although they may appear clumsy on land, alligators can run very fast for short distances.
  • Be especially cautious with small children around pond edges. Alligators assess the suitability of potential prey based on size, and attacks on children are therefore more common than attacks on adults.
  • Alligators will readily prey on dogs. Never allow your pet to swim during warm weather unless you are sure there are no alligators present.

Check out our full article about alligators.

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