Mail to barracks, units, offices, and directorates

The Installation Postal Office (IPO) located in the Directorate of Human Resources (DHR) has overall responsibility for Official Mail Operations and for Personal Mail for Soldiers residing in barracks on Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield. The IPO is the liaison between the military bases and the U.S. Postal Service.


Mail to Base Housing Areas

Stewart - All postal services (with the exception of international money order service) are available at this branch. International money order services may be obtained at the Hinesville Post Office located at 744 W. Oglethorpe Highway.

Hunter - All postal services are available at this branch with the exception of general delivery and international money order service.

Official Mail Fort Stewart

(912) 767-4306

Bldg 418-B, 843 Hase Road Suite 101

M-F 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. closed for lunch

Official Mail Hunter Army Airfield

(912) 315-5623

Bldg 1212, 37 N Schmidt Street Suite 101

Mondays & Wednesday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. closed for lunch


What is a FOIA Request?

A FOIA request is a written request for Department of Defense records, made by "any person", enforceable in court, including a member of the public (U.S. or Foreign citizen), an organization, or a business. Requests may also be made through an attorney or other representative on behalf of "any person", to obtain access to federal agency records, except to the extent that such records (or portions of them) are protected from disclosure by one of nine exemptions. Fpr additional guidance refer to the "Army Citizen's Guide to Request Army Records" accessible from the link below.

To submit an U.S. Army Garrison Fort Stewart FOIA Request:

  • Request must be madein accordance with the agency's published regulations.
  • Requester must bewilling to pay applicable fees.
  • Soldiers and DAcivilian employees, as private citizens, may request records under FOIA. Theymust prepare requests at their own expense and on their own time. They may notuse Government equipment, supplies, or postage to prepare personal FOIArequests.

o Fees explained

  • Request must be inwriting & describe the specific records.

o Sample Letter

What is a FOIA Requestor Service Center?

FOIA Requester Service Centers were established to serve as the firstplace the requester may contact to seek information (see contact information tothe right). The U.S. Army Garrison, Fort Stewart FOIA Requester Service Centeris the primary contact source for FOIA requests for records pertaining tooperations and management of IMCOM / MWR activities. Hours of operation arefrom 8am to 4pm Eastern Time, Monday thru Friday (Closed Federal Holidays).

How do I check the status of an IMCOM or MWR FOIA Request?

Each federal agency is responsible for meeting FOIA requirements for itsown records. U.S. Army Garrison, Fort Stewart FOIA requesters, who havequestions concerning the status of their request, or the agency's response,should refer to the Installation FOIA Official, Andrea Everett at telephone(912) 767-8103, email , or FOIA Liaison Officer,James Ervin at telephone (91) 767-1600, email, to determine where bestto check your FOIA status request.

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