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What happens if I skip class?

Attendance is checked by your Chain of Command. If you fail to attend mandatory appointments you will be marked as a No Show.

What do I wear to classes?

Wear your duty uniform everyday unless you are on leave (DA 31 required) or if otherwise instructed by the instructor.

Veterans, Retirees, and Civilians - dress appropriately in business casual attire (no jeans) per installation dress code.

Do I need my CAC?

You must bring your CAC Card and your ERB/ORB.

It is the responsibility of the SM and COC to ensure the SM CAC works properly.

To ensure there are no issues with your CAC, remember to complete your Cyber Awareness and make sure your PIN is not locked out (library can reset PINs).

If your CAC is damaged or expired please report to your S1 to fix the issue.

If you are going to bring your spouse/dependent with you they have to bring their military ID card.

Can my spouse or dependent (18+) attend any of these courses?

Yes! A service member’s transition impacts the whole Family. Spouses are encouraged to attend classes, such as the Entrepreneurship class, Department of Labor Employment Workshop or the Financial Planning class.

Ask your counselor for additional details. Seats are available as resources and capacity allow.

Individuals must be registered into TAP XXI and bring their DoD ID card to class.

What should I bring?

CAC to access the network and complete class instructions.

Class specific information will be outlined on your course confirmation sheet.

All given workbooks and information sheets for follow on classes.

Recommend keeping as they’ll be helpful references in the future!

What am I NOT allowed to bring to class?

Children are not allowed in classes.

Food is not allowed in the classroom.

TAP is a tobacco-free building.

Smoking, vaping or dipping in any DHR facility is strictly prohibited.