Important Info for those reporting to Korea

Official Travel Update - 6 January 2021

  • Effective Jan. 8, all foreign passengers arriving in the Republic of Korea must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test obtained within 72 hours of their departure. Airlines will not board passengers without this negative PCR test result.
  • If you are an Army Soldier or dependent on PCS orders to Eighth Army with an imminent flight and are unable to get a PCR test, contact the nearest military treatment facility or call the Military Health System Nurse Advise Line at (800) 874-2274, option 1 (U.S. locations only).
  • If you are on leave or TDY status and returning to Korea, please contact your chain of command.
  • If you receive a positive COVID test at any point in the process, please notify your chain of command immediately.

Soldiers can monitor the Eighth Army and USFK Facebook pages for updated information. Consult your airline regarding updated information about any travel restrictions.

The Personnel Reassignments Branch is responsible for processing reassignment orders for personnel on permanent change of station assignments.

HRC sends assignment instructions to the Personnel Reassignment Branch as follows:

  • Officer – HRC releases RFOs which are received the day after they are published.
  • Enlisted – HRC releases the roster every Tuesday.

If you are not sure you are on assignment, please see your unit S-1 personnel.

Points of Contact
Permanent Party Officers (334) 255-9139
Permanent Party Enlisted (334) 255-2370
Aviation Captain Careers Course (334) 255-2370
Flight School Students (334) 255-9139
Initial Entry Trainees (334) 255-1241
Eglin AFB EOD Enlisted Personnel (including IET) (334) 255-1241
Eglin AFB EOD Officer Personnel (334) 255-9139
7th Special Forces Group (A) - MPD Fort Rucker, Eglin Support Center, Building 4385, El Salvador Way, Eglin AFB, FL (850) 885-7480
Applicable Regulations
  • AR 55-46 Travel Overseas
  • AR 135-205 Enlisted Personnel Management
  • AR 600-8-11 Reassignments
  • AR 601-280 Army Retention Program
  • AR 614-6 PCS Policy
  • AR 614-11 TDY
  • AR 614-30 Overseas Service
  • AR 614-100 Officer Reassignment Procedures
  • AR 614-185 Requisitions and Assignment Instructions for Officers
  • AR 614-200 Enlisted Assignments and Utilization Management
  • JTR Appendix Q lists all OCONUS tour lengths