RIA at HPCON-Alpha

The senior commander at Rock Island Arsenal authorized a change in the installation’s operational status to Health Protection Condition - Alpha, effective April 11. On April 4, the Department of Defense issued a memo updating guidance directing Health Protection Level to coincide with CDC county levels. HPCON Alpha now coincides with Low county transmission. HPCON-Alpha lifts the restrictions on indoor locations. With this change, the following recommendations have been issued by the Department of Defense:

  • Less than 100 percent of normal occupancy in the workplace, with telework as appropriate. 
  • Communicate to personnel how and when to report illness and seek care for potential influenza-like illness. 
  • Common areas and large venues (e.g., sit-down dining, movie theaters, gyms, sporting venues, and commissaries) should adhere to established cleaning and sanitation protocols.
  • DoDEA schools will operate following CDC recommendations and guidelines specific to schools as implemented in operational procedures and guidance from the Director, DoDEA.

Children are not required to mask. Any DoD guidance that is more stringent than CDC guidance must be followed.

The change also allows the resumption of installation services. Family and MWR facilities can operate at full capacity; Child Development Centers can open additional spaces for youth; and guests may attend ceremonies and events at full capacity. Senior leadership and health personnel at the Rock Island Arsenal continue to encourage the Arsenal workforce and their families to get the first COVID-19 vaccine. Any questions regarding this change should be addressed through your supervisory chain. For more information, please reference the full DoD memorandum located at https://go.usa.gov/xuaVG.