Rock Island Arsenal Public Works

Vision Statement

The Directorate of Public Works, IMRI-PW, is committed to making the Rock Island Arsenal the best it can be. We are the "Piece of the Rock" that enables the others to work comfortably and effectively. Public Works, PW, includes these teams: Engineering Services, Base Operations Contract Management, Master Planning, Real Estate Support, and Environmental.

Mission Statement

The Rock Island Arsenal Public Works Directorate exists to serve as the installation engineering staff for all real property operations and documentation, alterations, minor construction projects, and maintenance and repair for core services including the following: utilities, buildings, roads and grounds, waste disposal management, and environmental support. PW also performs contract administration including COR (Contract Officer Representative) duties for maintenance, repair, construction, and other contracts related to public works functions.

In addition, PW ensures compliance with the National Historic Preservation Act (16 USC 470), and coordinates and directs the natural resources and environmental control program.

Director 782-3456
Operations and Maintenance 782-5007
Business Operations and Integration 782-3825
Environmental 782-2445
Engineering 782-2444
Master Planning 782-6004
Worker Order Desk & Custodial 782-2387
FAX 782-2550

Overview of Services

The Public Works serves as engineering consultants and liaison action officers between the Garrison Commander, tenant agencies, local and state governments pertaining to facilities engineering, master planning, construction, facility maintenance and utility operation, real estate and installed property at RIA.

Plan, oversee, and coordinate the preparation of the Annual Work Plan, Master Plan, Natural Resources Plan to include Land Management, Grounds Maintenance, Landscape Planting, Pest Management Plan, Preventive Maintenance Plan, and the Public Works portion of DCP (Disaster Control Plan).

Conduct historical inventories and archaeological surveys. Completes sensitive work on structures and land in the National Register of Historic Places and the National Landmark.

Supports programs such as energy conservation, parking requirements, capabilities of utility systems by coordinating miscellaneous engineering studies and analyses.

Oversees the operation, maintenance, and repair of the utility plants and systems in order to provide water, sewage, electricity, gas, and steam for the entire installation complex. Includes providing contract drawings, cost estimates, design, preparing specifications, and projects. The main areas of utilities programs are 1) heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, steam distribution systems, storm and sanitary sewer distribution systems and other mechanical equipment and 2) Electrical substations, distribution systems, power transmission lines, electrical equipment installations, lighting systems, electrical signal systems, and other phases of electrical engineering. Prepares contractual documents related to utilities sales and procurement.

Perform Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) and Engineering Technician duties. Operates a customer service and work reception desk to receive service orders and Individual Job Orders. Performs job estimating and planning, coordination of supplies, and work scheduling for the real property maintenance activity mission. Performs and reports results of labor standard interviews. Provides technical studies and various engineering and drafting support. Prepares documentation in support of RIA's MCA program.

Accountable for Real Property.

Roads and Grounds: In-house work to include contract drawings, cost estimates, design, preparing specifications and projects to include grading plans, roads and railways, layouts, hydraulic design of drainage systems, sewer and water distribution systems and traffic engineering.

Plan, coordinate and direct the installation programs that are inherently the responsibility of the DPW (land, forest, and wildlife management, drainage/erosion control, use of herbicides, sanitary control of water supplies, etc.) Conduct studies and incorporate pollution control measures in new construction and renovation/modifications to comply with pollution standards.

Manage and implement the following programs:


  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) program
  • Underground Storage Tank (UST) program
  • Radon Reduction Program (RPP) dealing with asbestos, lead-based paint, and entomology management overview
  • Title V Air Program, including permits, Risk Management Plan, and Annual Air Emissions Report
  • Hazardous Materials Program (HMP) including the pharmacy concept
  • Hazardous Waste Program (HWP), including training, permits, sampling, and analysis
  • Pollution Prevention Program (PPP), including hazardous waste minimization
  • Clean Water Program (CWP), including wastewater permits, sampling, and analysis
  • Storm Water Management Program
  • Spill Prevention and Countermeasures Plan and Maintenance
  • Polychlorinated Biphenyls Program
  • Installation Restoration Program (IRP) concerning landfill, UST, and other sites discovered


Provide Source Selection Evaluation Criteria and review concerning environment and radiology plans to the Contracting Officer. Provide a representative to Environmental Quality Control, Hazardous Materials/Waste and Pollution Abatement type Committees/Boards.