How to Visit Rock Island Arsenal

  • Visitors are welcome at Rock Island Arsenal.
  • A visitor pass is required to enter Rock Island Arsenal. (How to obtain a visitor pass)
  • Visitors must complete a favorable criminal background check before entry.
  • All first time visitors must present a valid state identification card, driver’s license or valid U.S. Passport.
    !! Residents of Minnesota, Missouri and Washington:
    read this important message regarding non-compliance of state driver's licenses and alternative means of identification
  • Foreign Nationals are not allowed access, unless visiting for Official Business.
  • All first time visitors must process through the Moline Gate Visitor Center.
  • Visitors arriving outside of Visitor Center hours will be assisted at the Moline Gate.
  • Visitors with a pass may use any gate.
  • Visitor hours are from Sunrise to Sunset, unless official business, visits to families living on Rock Island Arsenal, or events are scheduled after these hours.

Moline Gate Visitor Center Hours

  • Monday through F Sunday 7:00 AM to 3 PM

Rock Island Arsenal is a Department of Defense and US Army facility. All vehicles and persons are subject to search and privately owned weapons are not allowed.

To contact the Visitor Center, call (309)782-0485, (309)782-0484 or (309)782-1337 or email at