U.S. Army Garrison Rheinland-Pfalz headquarters is located in Kaiserslautern, Germany, which encompasses the largest presence of American Armed Forces outside of the United States. Kaiserslautern is 80 miles southwest of Frankfurt, Germany, and 295 miles northeast of Paris, France. 

The Kaiserslautern Military Community consists of Army facilities at Sembach, Kleber, Panzer and Daenner Kasernes, Landstuhl, Miesau and Kaiserslautern Army Depots, Rhine Ordnance and Pulaski Barracks along with Air Force facilities located at Ramstein Air Base, Einsiedlerhof, Vogelweh and Kapaun Air Station. The garrison also has geographically separated sites at Baumholder, Mannheim, Gruenstadt and Germersheim in Germany, Mihail Kogalniceau Air Base in Romania, and Novo Selo Training Area in Bulgaria. 



USAG RP has approximately 40,000 military members, family members and Department of Defense civilian employees.



The garrison footprint is 100 miles wide and located at 29 sites and installations within the states of Rheinland-Pfalz and Baden-Würtemmberg. The garrison also oversees Mihail Kogalniceau Air Base in Romania and Novo Selo Training Area in Bulgaria. 


Visitor Access

All non-DoD ID card holders who request access to a U.S. military installation are required to either be escorted by a DoD ID card holder at all times, be on an approved access roster or be issued an installation pass. The INSTALLATION ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS office registers DoD ID card holders into IACS, issues installation passes to contractors/vendors and visitors, and processes installation access rosters for special events or persons who need short term access but are not eligible for an installation pass.