• 1-10 IBCT Visiting JRTC

    1-10 IBCT Visiting JRTC

  • CW2 Pridgeon Purple Heart Ceremony

    CW2 Pridgeon Purple Heart Ceremony

  • OPS GRP Tenet

    OPS GRP Tenet

  • World Class OPFOR

    World Class OPFOR

  • Airborne Operations

    Airborne Operations

  • International Partnerships

    International Partnerships

  • Joint Operations

    Joint Operations

  • Battlefield Effects

    Battlefield Effects

  • Air drop preperation

    Air drop preperation

  • Rotational Training

    Rotational Training

  • Night Operations

    Night Operations

  • Air lift

    Air lift

  • OPSGRP Visits the 3-25

    OPSGRP Visits the 3-25

  • SHARP Awareness

    SHARP Awareness


Operations Group ensures a leadership laboratory, training units and leaders to synchronize combined arms operations, as part of a joint force in unified land operations.

  • Key Objectives:
    • Ensure a seamless, complex and realistic decisive action environment.
    • Capture and coach the best practices of combined arms maneuver.
    • Foster a leadership laboratory that encourages units to experiment.
    • Be masters of doctrine and a doctrinal guide post for rotational units.
    • Ensure a professional approach and appearance in all we do.