Commanding General

JRTC and Fort Polk Installation Policy Letter Guidance
27 July 2018

JRTC and Fort Polk Policy List as of 13 May 2019
13 May 2019

JRTC and Fort Polk Traffic Code FP 190-5 as of 26 June 2019
26 June 2019

JRTC and Fort Polk Total Army Sponsorship Program SOP
13 June 2019

Delegation of Disapproval and Downgrade Authority for the Meritorious Service Medal
15 March  2018

JRTC and Fort Polk Standards & Discipline Handbook
1 September 2018

JRTC and Fort Polk Off Limits Establishments
12 September 2019

PPP Support Memorandum
23 January 2019

JRTC and Fort Polk SOP for Preventing Heat Stress and Heat Casualties
26 June 2018

JRTC and Fort Polk Memorial Ceremony SOP
11 July 2018

Civilian Personnel Hiring Policy
25 January 2019

Civilian Performance Awards Review Board
25 January 2019

Policy CG-01: Commander's Critical Information Requirements (CCIRs)
11 May 2018

Policy CG-02: Dignity and Respect
11 May 2018

Policy CG-03: Military and Civilian Awards Submission Timeline
17 May 2018

Policy CG-04: Single Enlisted Soldiers' Living Standards in the Barracks
2 July 2018

Policy CG-05:  Command Safety Policy
20 June 2018 

Policy CG-06: Statement of Equal Opportunity
11 May 2018

Policy CG-07:  Prevention of Sexual Harrassment and Sexual Assault
11 May 2018

Policy CG-08:  Equal Opportunity (EO) Complaint Procedures
11 May 2018

Policy CG-09: Equal Opportunity (EO) Responsibility Guidelines
11 May 2018

Policy CG-10: Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness
11 May 2018

Policy CG-11: Soldier for Life - Transition Assistance Program
11 May 2018

Policy CG-12: Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS) and Meal Collections
7 November 2018

Policy CG-13: Organizational Inspection Program
17 May 2018

Policy CG-14: Rights of Soldiers and Civilian Employees to Present Complaints to or Request Assistance from the Inspector General
11 May 2018

Policy CG-15: Commander's Open Door Policy
11 May 2018

Policy CG-16: Relief of Cause of Commissioned and Noncommissioned Officers and Limitation of Exercise of Disciplinary Authority by Subordinates
17 May 2018

Policy CG-17: Prohibiting Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Inhalent Use
11 May 2018

Policy CG-18: Urinalysis inspections
11 May 2018

Policy CG-19: Cantonement Area Policy
2 July 2018

Policy CG-20: Command Visitation Program
6 May 2019

Policy CG-21: Vehicle Safety
2 July 2018

Policy CG-22: Key and Essential Personnel Housing and Designation
11 March 2019

Policy CG-23:  Organized Clothing Individual Equipment (OCIE) Issuance, Accountability, Maintenance, and Turn-in Procedures
13 May 2019

Garrison Commander