Who We Are 

The Plans, Analysis, and Integration Office provides oversight of assigned programs: conducts analytical reviews; monitors Army baseline standards, captures and enables implementation of best business practices; identifies, tracks and orchestrates reporting of performance measures; and integrates and optimizes use of technology. This office is the garrison commander's focal point for strategy and management planning.

What We Do

As the focal point of the Garrison Commander's strategy and management planning, PAIO provides the methodologies for research, focus groups, surveys and data analysis.  PAIO also facilitates the garrison's performance management reviews that supports leadership decisions for continuous process improvement programs and initiatives.

How We Do It

PAIO delivers programs and services through Planning, Integration and Management Analysis Functions:

Planning and Integration Function Management Analysis Function

·       Strategic Planning &Analysis ·       Army Communities of Excellence (ACOE)

·       Stationing          ·       Customer Service Management (CSM)

·       Installation Planning Board (IPB)       ·       Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE)

·       Strategic Communications     ·       Performance Assessment Review (PAR)

·       Business Transformation       ·       Common Levels of Support (CLS)

·       Continuous Process Improvement    ·       Army Stationing and Installation Plan (ASIP)

 ·       Installation Status Report (ISR

o   Services Performance (ISR-S)

o   Infrastructure (ISR-I)

o   Mission Capacity (ISR-MC) 


Contact Information

PAIO Chief     (508) 206-4051

Planning Integration (508) 206-4055

Management Analysis          (508) 206-4050