Mission: The Office of Public Affairs communicates the U.S. Army Garrison, Natick and Natick Soldier Systems Center’s contributions and value to the warfighter to varied audiences to increase understanding and enhance support for U.S. Army Garrison, Natick and Natick Soldier Systems Center’s mission, accomplishments and requirements.

As the only active duty Army installation in New England, the public affairs office coordinates events with the community, works with the media to tell the story of what is happening at Natick and tells the story of our Soldiers and civilians who work to provide the warrior in battle the best equipment possible.

The Public Affairs Office assists members of the news media in reporting on the installation, ensuring the American public has access to the information they need understand the military's role in the community, in support of the nation, and in the world. The Public Affairs section is responsible for:

  • Releasing information, arranging interviews, responding to media inquiries, and coordinating access to the installation for news media representatives,
  • Inviting reporters to significant events that highlight missions, programs, or issues of interest to the public,
  • Providing media awareness and media engagement training to members of the Detroit Arsenalcommunity.

Media Escort Requirements

Natick Soldier Systems Center is a closed military installation. For security reasons, installation access rules require a public affairs escort to be present any time members of the media conduct news-gathering activities on post. For invited events, media should RSVP in accordance with the instructions provided in the news release to coordinate a public affairs escort onto the installation.

For other stories, news media representatives may request assistance from the Public Affairs office. Requests are granted as resources allow.

Service members and military family members who are interested in engaging the media are encouraged to contact our office for assistance. If the story is of limited official interest, we may suggest meeting with the reporter off-base (where a public affairs escort is not required).

For stories not related to the subject's military affiliation, we can generally provide an escort onto the installation only if the story cannot be adequately reported without such access.

Please note:

Our office does not facilitate "reaction" stories (stories seeking service member or military family member reactions to issues of current interest or events) and "person-on-the-street" interviews - reporters may solicit military personnel and their families for their reactions to current events via other means, but we will not use military resources to provide an escort onto the installation for these types of stories.

Possession of a military-issued ID card or visitor pass does not constitute permission to conduct newsgathering activities on any part of the installation without a public affairs escort. Pass-holders and/or the visitor's sponsor may be held responsible if a pass or military ID is misused.