Vicenza Legal Assistance and Claims Office


Powers of Attorney and simple notaries are normally provided on a walk-in basis. Notaries for paperwork dealing with the selling, purchasing, or refinancing of real property require an appointment. All other legal services are available by appointment. Please send your request for services to our office email address:
All requests must include your name, DOD ID number, phone number, and a brief summary of your issue. It is extremely important to include your correct telephone number. Individuals requiring emergency services will be given the proper priority.

About Us

The Legal Assistance attorneys provide confidential counsel to Soldiers, retirees, civilian employees, and their families regarding their personal legal problems. Providing legal assistance is part of the Army’s ongoing effort to promote an enhanced quality of life. Personal legal difficulties may cause low morale and disciplinary problems and may also adversely affect combat readiness. Our goal is to improve morale by providing Soldiers and their families information, advice, and assistance responsive to their personal legal needs and problems. Legal assistance attorneys serving in Italy acquire the additional dimension of hands-on experience in the laws of the host-nation.


  • You MUST have your military ID card with you to obtain services. If you or your sponsor is a Reservist or National Guardsmen mobilized for more than 30 days, you must have either an updated ID card or copy of mobilization orders.
  • If you are represented by a civilian attorney for any of the matters on which your are seeking assistance, you must have a written waiver or letter of consent from your attorney before seeing a legal assistance attorney.
  • Our services are limited by Army Regulation 27-3 and the expertise of our attorneys. Please see below for more information on services we can and cannot provide.
  • We cannot give legal advice over the phone and do not have the ability to locate or provide contact information for Soldiers assigned to Vicenza.


By-Appointment Services

  • WILLS/ESTATE PLANNING.  Wills are provided by appointment. Advance medical directives, health care powers of attorney, and durable powers-of-attorney, can be done in conjunction with a will appointment. Living wills allow you to make decisions about life support. Health care powers-of-attorney allow you to name a person to make medical decisions for you if you become unable to make decisions for yourself. Durable financial powers-of-attorney allow you to name a person to handle your affairs if you become incapacitated. A Will Worksheet MUST be completed prior to your appointment time. More complicated estate planning matters may require a referral to a civilian attorney.
  • CONSUMER LAW.  Debt Collection/Credit Reporting Problems, Real Property and Leases (Tenant only), Identity theft, Service Members Civil Relief Act (SCRA)
  • MILITARY ADMINISTRATIVE APPEALS. The following military-specific cases are handled on an appointment basis: OER and NCOR Appeals; FLIPL Rebuttals; Memorandums of Reprimand (GOMOR) Rebuttals; Others IAW Regulation.

NOTE:  The following services are not provided pursuant to Army Regulation 27-3: UCMJ matters; private business transactions; litigation against the United States; employment matters with the exception of USERRA enforcement.


Administrative Law

Administrative Law attorneys provide advice to Commanders and their staff. The Administrative Law Division provides a full range of legal services to USARAF/SETAF in all areas of administrative law to include AR 15-6 investigations and Article 32 investigations; Line of Duty investigations; MWR activities; gifts and donations; FRG activities; fundraising on post; private organizations; ethics regulations; Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts; and FLIPL’s.  The Administrative Law Division also serves as the primary legal advisor to the Garrison Commander.

The Administrative Law Division can be reached by email at

Labor Law

The Army can become involved in labor litigation due to the large number of civilian employees.  Labor Law attorneys advise the Army on all aspects of labor management relations for both private and public-sector union matters. Labor Law attorneys may also be called upon to represent the Army in federal court or in administrative hearings before the Merit System Protection Board, the Equal Opportunity Commission or the Federal Labor Relations Authority.

International Law

International Law attorneys provide advice to Commanders and their staff.  As Army personnel are stationed in other countries, questions arise about the interpretation of international agreements as well as foreign laws.  International Law attorneys participate actively in negotiating, drafting, and interpreting international agreements involving the status of U.S. Forces.  International Law attorneys also observe and report on foreign trials of U.S. personnel to ensure that the due process rights of U.S. personnel are respected, and to uphold the legal obligations of the U.S. under applicable international agreements.

Operational Law

Operational Law attorneys provide advice to Commanders and their staff on domestic, foreign, and international laws that control or influence the conduct of military operations.  This includes reviewing military operations plans and providing advice on the laws of war, rules of engagement, domestic law relating to employment of forces and support of our allies, and the legal aspects of civil affairs.

Criminal Law-Military Justice

A Trial Counsel (prosecutor) supports commanders and military law enforcement in maintaining good order and discipline by providing expert and responsive advice on all military justice and adverse administrative actions, representing the United States in courts-martial and administrative separation hearings, and providing military justice training.

Trial Defense Services (TDS) "Take to us before you talk to them!"

The Trial Defense Service provides conflict-free legal services to Service Members who are facing adverse criminal or administrative actions at no cost to the Service Member. Attorney/client relationships are strictly confidential and privileged. To Submit a Request for Counsel, go to: