The mission of the Fort Hamilton legal assistance program is to enhance the readiness of Fort Hamilton units through the provision of competent and timely legal services in order to:

  1.   Help eligible client to enhance readiness by prevention of legal issues,
  2.   Resolve existing legal issues to enhance readiness, and
  3.   Improve Service Member and family morale through the provision of such legal services. 

Services Information

Eligible Clients

You must have a current Active Duty or Retired military ID card with you to obtain services. If you or your sponsor is a member of the Reserve or National Guard mobilized for 29+ days, you must have either an updated Active-Duty ID card or copy of mobilization orders on hand.

Eligible Clients:

-  Active Duty Service Members (All Branches)

-  Active Guard Reserve (AGR) & Full-Time National Guard Duty

-  Reserve and National Guard on Regular Active Duty Orders*

-  Military Retirees receiving military retirement pay

-  Dependents of the above categories who have a current, valid DoD Military ID Card

-  Officers of the Public Health Service (PHS) Regular Corps

-  Members of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) commissioned officer corps.

-  Contact our office for eligibility if you believe you should be eligible, but your category is not listed above.

Personnel Not Eligible for Legal Services:

State Active Duty (SAD) personnel

-  100% disabled veterans

-  Veterans (unless also in one of the eligible categories listed above)

*All clients must have a current, valid DoD Military ID Card to receive services.

DOD Civilians are only eligible for assistance on deployment matters and responses to Financial Liability Investigations of Property Loss (FLIPL).

The only individuals eligible for services without a military ID are:

  • Next of Kin of Service Members who died in an active status are eligible for probate assistance.
  • Parents or Guardians acting on behalf of a minor (the minor must have an ID card).
  • Holders of a special power of attorney for a legal assistance service for a deployed Service Member acting on his/her behalf.

Walk-In Services

Powers Of Attorney

Powers of attorney (POA) are offered on a walk-in basis at any time during business hours. General POAs and Specific POAs are available. Please make sure to bring all information related to the power(s) you are granting (such as year, make, model, and VIN for a Vehicle POA) and the correct name, address, and phone number of the person you are appointing to act on your behalf. Only the individual granting the POA must be present.

Notary Services
**Do not sign any document requiring a notary seal until you are actually in front of the notary. **

Notarial Services are offered on a walk-in basis at any time during business hours. Documents presented for notification must be completely filled out and unsigned. If you need a certified copy of a public record (court record, birth certificate, marriage license, car title, etc.) you should contact the official custodian of the record you are seeking such as the DMV, courthouse, or state vital records agency.

Notary services for closing documents require an appointment.

Scheduled and Walk-In Appointment Services

LegalAssistance -Provide legal advice on Military Administrative actions, family law issues,landlord/tenant issues, debtor/creditor issues, taxes, wills, and other legalmatters. Notarization and Powers of Attorney are provided on walk-in basis (noappointment needed), but call ahead to make sure there is someone there if youraction is time-sensitive.

Claims - Provide assistance in filing and processing personnel claims(including moving claims and damaged household goods), Federal Torts Claims Actand Military Claims Act claims IAW AR 27-20

Phone Services

We do not provide legal advice over the phone and do not have the ability to locate or provide contact information for Service Members assigned to Fort Hamilton or other installations.

Bar to the Installation

Barred from the Installation.

Individuals may be “barred” (prohibited access) from the Fort Hamilton Military Installation for various reasons. If you learn that you are barred from the Fort Hamilton Military Installation, you can contact the Installation Legal Office to learn why you were barred, and, if you wish to do so, what you need to do to appeal the bar from the installation. Review the attached appeal process handout for additional information.

Bar-to Installation Filling Appeal Pdf


ABC's of Claims Pdf

The Fort Hamilton Claims Office processes, investigates, adjudicates, and negotiates the settlement of non-contractual claims against or on behalf of the Army stemming from Army activity at Fort Hamilton, the 5 boroughs of NYC, and Long Island. Claims are processed for lost or damaged property, personal injury, death, and other costs arising from Army operations, including Army Reserve and National Guard.

PCS / Moving / Shipment Claims: The Center for Personnel Claims Support (CPCS) located at Fort Knox, Kentucky, handles all claims for:

  - Household good losses/damages during shipment

  - POV shipment damage,

  - On-post POV theft and vandalism,

  - On-post quarters damage and theft, and

  - Unusual occurrence on-post such as fire, excessive mold, pothole damage, etc.

CPCS is the Military Claims Office (MCO) for all Army personnel. See the attached “ABC’s of Claims” brochure and/or contact CPCS at (502) 626-3000 or via email at USARMY.KNOX.HQDA.MBX.CPCS@ARMY.MIL.

IMPORTANT:  Claims MUST BE FILED within 180 days (or 75 days for shipments prior to 15 May 2020) or your claim may be denied as untimely.

For more information, or to file a claim, visit:


Income Tax Preparation Resources

Family Law

Real Estate

Consumer Law

Military Administrative


Army Forms and Regulation

Legal Assistance Services

Armed Forces Legal Assistance

Veterans:  If you are a Veteran in need of legal assistance and are not eligible for legal services at the Installation Legal Office, consider contacting the following resources to assist you.

NYC Department of Veterans’ Services:

VA Office of General Counsel, Legal Help for Veterans: