Please contact the Supply and Services Division Chief concerning the operation of Supply and Food Services various functions at 791-4239. See the list of all Supply and Services Division POCs below.

Services Division Chief 791-4239 (706) 267-9652 14550
CSDP Coordinator/HAZMAT 791-4153/9824   14550
Hazardous Material Control Point (HMCP) 791-9824/9825   10604
Fuel Point 791-4153/791-7203   61300
Supply Support Activity (SSA) 791-2689/3740   11601
Installation Property Book Officer 791-3443/4338   2212
Installation Food Service Officer 791-2636/5680   14550
Installation Food Service QA 791-5680/2636   14550
Central Issue Facility (CIF) Appointments 791-7412   25709
Information Technology Specialist 791-9637/4239   14550
ASP Operations 791-2908/3576   8250

Ammunition Supply Point (ASP)

The ASPis located in building #8250 and serves as the sole source for picking up training ammunition. It is important to forecast your requirements and make your submission through the Training Ammunition Management Information System (TAMIS) and give the ASP at least three working days from date of approval from the TAMIS Manager. See the Supply SOP for further details. The ASP is closed on Thursday for maintenance and inventory. The hours of customer support are from 0700-1500 and the customer service number is 791-2908/3576.

Central Issue Facility (CIF)

CIF is located in building #25709 and is off of Chamberlain (26th Ave and B St). To schedule a CIF appointment, it must be done through AKO.  Emergency appointments such as Chapters and casualty assistance should call the CIF at 791-7412 to be scheduled immediately.  It is imperative that you reconcile your OCIE hand receipt as well as clean your TA-50 prior to scheduling a turn-in appointment; otherwise your equipment will be rejected. Walk-ins are not allowed due to the high volume of appointments. Due to the high volume of appointments, it is recommended that you schedule your appointment within the first day or two of clearing.  You can make an appointment several weeks before receiving your orders by getting an approval letter from your commander.  Click on the following document for step-by-step instructions:  Step-by-Step Instructions for Scheduling a CIF Appointment.

Note:  Commanders, IAW AR 710-2, Table B-1, F, (2), page 196, are to ensure that Soldiers are cleared 5 days prior to their departure of the installation. Failure to do so will result in a high probability that the Soldier will not clear CIF according to their final out appointment.

Hours of Operations:
Normal Weekday  
Monday thru Thursday - 0630 to1600 Friday - 0730 to 1130
Holiday on Monday  
Tuesday thru Thursday - 0630 to 1600 Friday - 0630 to 1130
Holiday on Friday  
Monday thru Thursday - 0730 to1600  


Central Receiving Point (CRP)

Central Receiving Point is collocated with the SSA in bldg 11601. The issue point at the CRP handles Class II, IV, VII, and IX items. Its hours of operation are 0800-1130 and 1200-1430 each weekday. Please contact 791-6681 for questions and all procedures are in the Supply SOP.

Command Supply and Discipline Program (CSDP)

The CSDP addresses supervisory and managerial responsibilities within the supply system from the user to the ACOM level. AR 710-2, appendix B, outlines the specific requirements for the CSDP. For Information please call the Installation CSDP Coordinator at (706) 791-4153.

Hazardous Material Control Point (HMCP)

The HMCP mission is twofold - To ensure that Fort Gordon Army and civilian organizations have the hazardous materials (HM or HAZMAT) they need to support all production, maintenance, and contingency operations. To ensure that environmental regulatory directives are met by providing labor services to assist in requisition, receipt, distribution, storage, and safeguard of HM used for production and maintenance activities; and handling, storage, and safeguard of hazardous waste (HW).

Position Phone Hours of Operations
HMCP 791-9824 Monday-Friday 0730-1600
Customer Assistance 791-4575 Weekends/Holidays Closed


Fuel Point

The Installation fuel point is located at 15th Street and 105th Ave. The hours of operations are Monday–Friday from 0730-1630. Please contact 791-4153/791-7203 for further assistance.

The fuel pumps are available 24/7 for normal fueling (This does not include the filling of bulk fuel vehicles) 

Property Book Office

The Consolidated Installation Property Book Office is located in building #2212 off of 10th St and 11th Ave. The hours of operations are Monday - Friday from 0730 - 1600. Please contact 791-3443 or 791-4338 for further assistance.

Supply Support Activity (SSA)

The Supply Support Activity is in building #11601 and is located on Barnes Ave off of 15th Street. The SSA is where a majority of routine parts are stocked for your support. These items can be picked up for issue in the same location from the Central Receiving Point (CRP) section. Items that need to be turned in to the supply system will be taken to the classification section in the SSA. The Classification section will inform you of how it is to be disposed but it is important that you initiate action as soon as you get a directive.