Engineering Division 

Provides engineering support, contract services, and construction project management for the U.S. Army Garrison Daegu. Directorate of Public Works (DPW) Engineering Division plans, organizes, coordinates and oversees execution of designs, preparation of services and construction contracts, and construction projects.

DSN: (315) 763-4861
Camp Henry Bldg. #1639

Contract Management Branch 

  • Prepares service and construction contracts to include Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA)
  • Performs inspection of contract work during construction and at completion for compliance with plans and specifications, assuring compliance with safety standards.
  • Responsible for reporting construction and safety issues by the contractor.
  • Verifies construction contractor’s progress reports and coordinates contractor payments with contracting and resource management offices.
  • Assists contracting and legal offices in settlement of contractor vs. government disputes and contractor performance issues.

DSN: (315) 763-4861 
Camp Henry Bldg. #1639

Project Management Branch 

  • Manages all Engineering Division projects from cradle to grave (work order to design to construction completion).
  • Lead for all project work who coordinates closely with requesting agency, Engineering Division staff, DPW offices, Garrison offices, legal office, contracting offices, and all other offices associated with the projects.
  • Prepares all memorandums, memorandums for record (MFR), staff summary sheets, etc. for the division and Directorate pertaining to Engineering Division projects.
  • Classifies work (new work or repair work) for DPW.
  • Prepares project status reports for the Garrison command group and other Directorates as required.
  • Schedules project meetings and responsible for sending invitations to meetings.
  • Prepares responses to project inquiries.
  • Works closely with contracting offices for successful award of contracts.
  • Inputs project information into the General Fund Enterprise Business Systems (GFEBS), the web-based enterprise resource planning system for the United States Army.

DSN: (315) 763-4869
Camp Henry Bldg. #1639


Design Branch       

  • Perform engineering services to include engineering studies, economic cost analyses, and project designs to include construction modifications.
  • Performs technical reviews and evaluations for design prepared by others and contractor proposals for Engineering Division projects.
  • Prepares rough order of magnitude estimates (ROM) and government estimates for construction projects.
  • Provides structural engineering infrastructure safety inspections.
  • Provides structural inspections for all Arms Rooms.

DSN: (315) 763-5370
Camp Walker Bldg. #363