Unit Education targets group oriented preventive education/training programs, Prime for Life, media activities, public awareness events, etc., directed at all levels of the command, in the effort to prevent the abuse of alcohol and other drugs.


Prevention and Education Training Services
  • Provide Employee Assistance Program (EAP) education services
  • UPL certification/recertification courses
  • Unit Risk Inventory Surveys
  • Suicide Prevention Training
  • Substance Abuse Prevention/Awareness Training
  • Provide EAP assessments, referrals, short term counseling services
  • Drug Testing Program Services:
  • Military SMART Testing
  • Civilian Random and Pre-employment Testing
  • Risk Reduction Program


Risk Reduction Program

Commander’s tool designed to identify and reduce Soldiers’ high-risk behaviors.  Provides consultation and interventions designed by subject matter experts that target the problem, mitigate high risk behaviors, and effectively utilize the installation's resources.

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