Access to duty-free goods is controlled by the US-ROK SOFA and U.S. laws, regulations and policies. In Korea, patrons allowed to purchase duty-free goods at the commissary and exchange must be authorized in accordance with commissary and exchange regulations as well as the SOFA.

Per USFK Regulation 60-1 Exchange and Commisary Services Access To Duty Free Goods Restrictions limits on the purchase of goods in the commissary and PX/BX are designed to limit the consumption and resale of goods on the local economy.

All U.S. personnel and family members authorized commissary and PX/BX privileges will be issued ration control cards. Authorized shoppers must present their I.D. card and Ration Control Card for entry into facilities.

Contact the ration control office for detailed information about current ration limits.

You can look up your current Ration Usage at: