OPEX.pngIn order to provide standardized customer service training across IMCOM, each garrison implemented OPEX and OPEX for Leaders training.  OPEX is a successful, experiential learning program that follows the Army Learning Model and has been delivered to thousands of NAF and APF IMCOM employees. Each initial OPEX training ensures participants develop a personal Customer Service Action Plan.  Furthermore, it enables participants to:

  1. Select delivery methods to uphold the IMCOM Pledge to our Customers.
  2. Employ effective strategies to resolve challenging situations with customers.
  3. Determine strategies to present professionalism when delivering customer service.
  4. Empower employees.
  5. Recognize employees.
  6. Adapt a leader communication style to accommodate team members.

Garrison employees receive refresher courses on an annual basis.  To request training from your Directorate facilitator, please contact Workforce Development at (315) 763-4928.