All unaccompanied E-7 and above must report to the Housing Office for assignment to BOQ or SEQ within 24 hours arrival to Area IV (USFK Reg. 37-57).  For more information, contact the USAG Daegu Housing Office (DSN: 763-4572) in Soldier Support Center, Bldg #330, Camp Walker. Shipping Full JTR HHG Allowances: All unaccompanied SM must reside on post when adequate quarters are available.  It is therefore recommended that unaccompanied SM do not ship their full Joint Travel Regulation (JTR) household goods (HHG) allowance as your personal items will not fit in the barracks rooms.  Barracks rooms are fully furnished.  SM who do elect to have full JTR allowances shipped or ship furniture that will not fit in their assigned room will be required to locate non-temporary storage (NTS) and pay for the storage out-of-pocket (please note that storage facilities are very expensive in Korea).  Bringing your full JTR HHG is not adequate justification for CNA approval. No pets are allowed in unaccompanied housing.


On-post Availability (Senior Living Quarters): Soldiers on an unaccompanied tour can expect to transition to senior living quarters (SLQ) , E7 and Above. This link takes you to the Army Housing Online User Services page where you can check for on-post availability.

Temporary Lodging Allowance: TLA is an allowance that is approved by Housing and processed through Finance. TLA is designed to offset the cost incurred by Soldiers and their Family Members when it is necessary to occupy temporary lodging incident to PCS.

Self Help Store: Self Help stores are located at Camps Walker and Carroll. Stop by to pick up whatever you need to make minor repairs and improvements to your living space.