Career programs

The Army recognizes 31 Army Civilian Career Programs or specialized professional communities. All Army Civilians are “mapped” or assigned to a Career Program by virtue of their Position Description.  The Army Civilian Career Programs system exists to maximize the talent of the Army Civilian Corps and to afford each Army Civilian the opportunity to pursue career aspirations.

The Army CPP provides structured plans, processes, and activities directing and supporting the systematic organizational, occupational, and individual growth of Army Civilians in designated career programs throughout the civilian human capital life cycle. It entails progression through a series of training, education, and professional development (TE&PD) programs and assignments involving broader knowledge, improved skills, and/or greater responsibility.

The Army CPP exists to maximize the talent of the Army Civilian Corps and to afford each Army Civilian the opportunity to pursue their career aspirations. The responsibility to pursue this opportunity ultimately belongs to the Army Civilian.

Army Civilians are responsible to establish their career goals and to actively engage with their supervisors and CCPMs (ACPMs if applicable) on strategies to achieve these goals.

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Developmental Assignment ProgramThe Developmental Assignment Program (DAP), for junior- and mid-level employees, provides multifunctional training and assignments that strengthen the experience of junior and mid-level employees in preparation of broader responsibilities.  These 90-day assignments are meant to develop well-rounded employees, and to improve organizational communication.

DAP Program Description

The DAP is designed to support functional and leadership training, which is one of the essential pillars of the USAG DAEGU Campaign Plan and Service Culture Campaign: Leader Development. The DAP is based on a systematic plan specializing in developmental assignments through various functional areas for a period of up to 90 days which supports IMCOM’s Campaign Plan Lines of Effort goals and objectives. The primary objective is to build and sustain a cadre of agile and adaptable leaders and a multi-skilled workforce with a commitment to develop and deliver installation services for the Army community. The DAP will support organizational development activities leading to better ways of delivering services, improving work performance, and increasing the value of employee contributions to current and future IMCOM missions. All developmental assignments require recommendation by the supervisory chain of command, the DAP selection board, and approval by the Deputy Garrison Commander (DGC).

DAP Eligibility

DAP opportunities are designed for junior and mid-level employees. Eligible applicants are USAG Daegu Appropriated-fund employees (GS7 through GS13), Non-appropriated fund employees (NF-5 and below, in positions comparable to GS7 through GS13), or Equivalent Foreign National employees. The program provides multifunctional training and assignments to strengthen the experience of employees and prepare them for broader responsibilities, improve organizational communication, and develop well-rounded personnel.

To express interest in a developmental assignment, please contact Workforce Development at (315) 763-4928.

Local & Centrally Funded TrainingsThese resources are no/low-cost training opportunities held in Area IV, CONUS, or virtually that provide education specific to the learning-needs of civilian employees.  The method and topics change continuously based upon the needs expressed by Garrison employees. 

Monthly Lunch and Learn Sessions:

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