Basic Skills Enhancement Program (BSEP) is a teacher-facilitated program with computer lessons for learning enhancement. The program goals are to promote retention, increase re-enlistment options, and improve job performance. The one month course covers Math and English for retesting on the Armed Forces Classification Test (AFCT). The Area IV Education Centers at both Camp Henry (Bldg. S-1840) and Camp Carroll (Bldg. T-236) host the BSEP class. The schedule rotates each month between Camp Henry and Camp Carroll. Each class is one month long and does require your commander’s permission to attend the course. The course is open to all Area IV Soldiers, including rotational unit. Seating is limited to 30 service members per class. 

All active duty Soldiers are eligible for enrollment into BSEP after completing the prerequisites. Prerequisites include taking the Pre-Test for Adult Education (Pre-TABE) Test and gaining Commander’s permission to attend the on-duty course. 

The basic steps involved in signing up for the BSEP Class involve the following:

Step 1: Schedule a Pre-TABE test with the Area IV Education Center’s Test Examiner. You must take the Pre-TABE test before your BSEP registration will be issued.

Step 2: Email the BSEP instructor (education center will provide email address) to schedule a phone conference to discuss your registration. At the close of the call, a Request to Attend On-Duty Enrollment Form will be issued.

Step 3: Sign and return the form to the BSEP instructor. The form must be signed by your Company Commander (O-3) or include an Assumption of Command Memo.

Step 4: Receive confirmation of registration. (Note: the BSEP instructor is the only person who can issue your final confirmation).

To receive assistance in scheduling for the next upcoming BSEP Course, please contact the Area IV Camp Henry Education Center Counselor Support’s phone number at 763-4920 or the Camp Carroll Guidance Counselor’s phone number at 763-5405. Walk-ins are available from Monday to Friday, 0800-1700 (Closed on federal holidays, weekends, and every Thursday from 0800-1300 for training). Office locations are Camp Henry Education inside Bldg. S-1840 or Camp Carroll Education Center inside Bldg. T-236. Counselor will provide a brief counseling session and first place you in contact with the Area IV Education Center Testing Examiner.