Army Education Center Guidance Counselor

Area IV Guidance Counselors provides individualized interviews and counseling to aid the individual in career decision making. Additionally, counselors gather and compile personal and academic information, reviews educational transcripts, selects, administers and interprets tests to counsel program participants during the counseling session and recommends testing, e.g., achievement, interest, or aptitude tests, as appropriate. Counselors provides informational, diagnostic, and academic counseling to military personnel, their dependents, and civilian personnel pursuing undergraduate/graduate, vocational, technical, and professional development opportunities at various levels. Counselors conduct interviews and counsels personnel to help them develop and achieve a valid military career goal and subsequent civilian occupation.

Area IV Guidance Counselors can provide assistance to personnel applying for scholarships, educational allowances, and grants. Counselor thoroughly search available information on educational programs including grants, tuition assistance, scholarships, etc. to ensure all opportunities have been considered. Determines eligibility and assists in enrollment and preparation of forms for Army tuition assistance, VA benefits, loans, and scholarships, PELL Grants, and other grant or loan programs of the federal, state, or local government for which they qualify. Serves as liaison with schools on and off the installation and solves problems that students may have with the academic institution.

Furthermore, guidance counselors schedule, analyze and interpret the test results as required in subsequent counseling sessions to assist the individuals in making a realistic self-appraisal of their needs and desires. This information helps the individuals establish plans for meeting their goals, providing information about available opportunities to include not only technical MOS-related programs, but high school, college, and vocational programs available if the individual's desires and capabilities are in these areas. Counselors monitor progress of the individual soldier to ensure educational progress. Counselors may conduct periodic follow-ups to ensure that individuals are working toward their career goals as initially developed or if a modification or change is needed. Counselors ensure that if satisfactory progress is not being made, the individual is again counseled, the stated goals reviewed, and if necessary, instructors or unit commanders may be contacted to ascertain the individual's problems or difficulties. Engages in out reach efforts in order to work with and reach those who are not motivated to seek voluntary counseling.

Finally, Area IV Guidance Counselors prepares/conducts educational briefings for groups or units to inform them of the entire educational program. Counselors will promote self-development programs provided by the Armed Forces including correspondence courses, attendance at classes at the Education Center, and attendance at schools, colleges, and universities in the vicinity. Counselor may give periodic group counseling to explain the scope of the education program, its benefits, tuition assistance available,eligibility requirements, and the like.

All active duty Soldiers and their family members, DA Civilians (DACs), other U.S. Federal employees, U.S. contractors, local nationals, and adult Family Members in the geographic areas of responsibility are eligible for career development counseling which includes consideration of the total individual potential, the military career development structure and subsequent civilian career plans/goals.

Multi-use Learning Facility

The Multi-use Learning Facility (MLF) provide Soldiers access to online registration and completion of the Army Correspondence Course Program (ACCP), the Reimer Digital Library, self-development courses, and preparation for Non-Commissioned Officer Education System (NCOES) training and online college programs.

The Camp Carroll Education Center MLF provides 18 desktop computers with printer and scanner capabilities. In addition, the Camp Henry Education Center provides 10 desktop computers with printer and scanner capabilities as well.

All activity duty Soldiers and Department of the Army Civilians (DACs), and other U.S. Federal employees are authorized to utilize the MLF.

The Army Continuing Education System (ACES) professionals manage the Camp Carroll Education Center and Camp Henry Education Center MLFs.

Soldiers Civilian Credit Assessment Memorandum

The Area IV Education Center Guidance Counselors can assess civilian education credits and produce a “Civilian Credit Assessment Memorandum” (otherwise known as a Promotion Point Memorandum). Counselors are available to assist with the review and assessment of all credits granted through military training and other universities or colleges. Counselors will provide only an assessment of the total number of non-duplicated postsecondary credit for submission to the unit as the source document to update your military records with the total number of credit hours. Once the memorandum is completed, Soldiers will bring the letter to your S1 Personnel Office to update their records.

Active duty Soldiers are eligible for the Civilian Credit Assessment Memorandum. Soldiers receive one (1) promotion point for each semester hour (SH) completed. All quarter/contact/clock hours will be converted to SH. SH are defined as 15 hours of classroom contact hours plus 30 hours of outside preparation. 1 SH = 1.5 Quarter Hours (QH); 1SH = 15 Classroom, Clock,or Contact Hours (CH).

Guidance Counselors highly recommend Soldiers consolidate all credits earned from various crediting sources, i.e. national examinations such as The College Level Examination Program tests/Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) tests, or educational institutions onto one transcript. Soldiers currently enrolled in a college/university are required to provide a single transcript (official or unofficial) from their current college/university consolidating all past civilian education. Soldiers that have multiple transcripts who are not currently enrolled in a college or university may take these transcripts to the Area IV Guidance Counselor for completion of the Civilian Credit Assessment Memorandum as well.

To receive more information on how to obtain a Civilian Credit Assessment Memorandum from your Guidance Counselor, contact the Area IV Camp Henry Education Center Counselor Support’s phone number at 763-4924 or the Camp Carroll Education Center Guidance Counselor’s phone number at 763-5405.